Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Trend Edit: Corduroy Skirt

I've probably been searching for a corduroy skirt for like two seasons now. I could never find one that was a perfect fit for my body type. I'm definitely pear shaped a lot of my weight in my hips. Sometimes when shopping for mini skirts, it's so hard to find something flattering and not too short! This topshop one is perfect!! I'm so happy with it and I snagged it during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. 

If you want to shop this exact one, topshop runs pretty small. I'm usually an 8/10 but I ordered the 12. 

Outfit details:  Skirt // Turtleneck // Bag // Booties // Hoops 

I love pairing it with a turtleneck and sock booties. So perfect for fall temps, especially since it's still been SO warm outside. 

I've also styled it with a white sweater and tan booties. Super cute! There is so many different ways to work this skirt into your fall wardrobe. I will probably end up wearing it for Thanksgiving too because I love it so much and I think it's so fitting!

Friday, September 28, 2018

My Fall 2018 Wishlist

So many goodies on my list this year! So many different trends are happening and I want it all. 

1. Military blazer- Balmain inspired- the price point is amazing and it's also 20% off right now! I got the navy because I do not own anything like it. I'm loving the gold button details.

2. Denim Jacket with Pearls- I love this mix between girly and edgy! This jacket is so fun and would be a great fall jacket to have in your wardrobe. Super cute with booties or even just sneakers!

3. Cowlneck Sweater- Classic, comfy, and super fall! This color is perfect with denim or leggings. You can also tuck this into skirts and rock it with some booties. I totally will end up getting this. 

4. Houndsouth Skirt- This skirt has been on my mind 24/7. I've seen some bloggers wear it and I think it's perfect for fall and the holidays. So perfect with heels or over the knee boots!

5. Burnt Orange Body Con - I love a good body con skirt. I recently purchased this and what I love about it is that the material is on the thicker side. It really sucks you in and is so flattering! 
Pair it with a crop top for a girl's night out or a turtleneck and boots for a family event! 

6. Stuart Weitzman Lowland Boots- Ok I have been coveting these boots every season. I haven't quite pulled the trigger since the price point is more than I would normally spend on a boot, but I just love them! We will see what I end up doing this fall. 

7. Snakeskin Booties - Last but certainly not least! I love these booties! I've been trying to find the perfect pair of snakeskin ones and these bad boys are it! Endless outfits and I can't wait till these are mine!


What's on your wishlist this fall? Let me know down below! 


Friday, September 21, 2018

Five Friday Favorites

Express Star Sweater - 24 - I got so many compliments on this sweater and I just love it for this time of the year. The pink shade is even prettier in person. I got a medium, it runs true to size-- kind of hangs off the shoulders. You will need to wear a cami under it as well!  I love it though and for 23 dollars you can't beat it!

Target Cacoon Cardigan - I wanted to mention this sweater because I just ordered it in another color last night! I have it in olive, and I just grabbed the cream and black. It circles past your butt so that it covers your butt when you wear leggings. It's super soft and looks way more expensive than it is. Not to mention, 20% off today!

Laura Mercier Brightening powder- This is the BEST powder for setting your concealer. Hand's down. It is translucent and just helps to make sure your concealer doesn't crease. I have purchased this numerous times. On sale today for 15% off!

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer- For anyone who struggles with acne or discoloration, this one is for you. I have personally bought this three of four times. When I run out, I always grab it immediately. It takes away redness and seriously creates a perfect base for foundation to go on. This is really good heavy duty concealer and my makeup would suck without it! On sale today for 15% off!

Tarte Born this way Foundation - I just bought this foundation in the golden beige shade. I love the ingredients in it and the coverage it gives! This is going to be my new favorite, I can already tell. On sale today for 15% off!


Hope everyone has a great weekend! Xoxo,

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Six Jacket Staples

Fall is my favorite season. I love dressing up and layering my clothes. The EASIEST outfit to wear  when you don't know what to wear is a plain top and a cute jacket. You can pair that up to almost any bottom & shoes and look simple and chic. 

1. Brown Suede Jacket - I recently got this one and I love the color. I had the grey one first ( I'll get to it later) and it was a bit of a splurge. I did not want to splurge on two suede motto jackets, but I found this one on sale at Norsdtrom Rack. Super soft & comfortable and such a warm pretty color.
2. Grey Suede Jacket - the best purchase ever! I get so many compliments on this jacket and I love the edgy vibe it gives. The grey suede is a cool color to introduce into your wardrobe and will do so well over dresses, with tops, denim, anything!
3. Leather Motto Jacket- The last of the motto jacket saga is this black leather jacket. I just picked this one up this summer and I LOVE it. It has cool detailing on the sleeves and side zippers. It's a bit 'heavier' which I like, because Chicago can be cold! The silver details are also really nice, nothing looks cheap & super good quality.
4.  Grey Wrap Coat - I'm excited for this one, because it's something a little different! It's a weight that's definitely between a sweater and a jacket. It feels just like a sweater and kind of has a lack of shape, which is nice. It lays beautifully & I love heather gray. I can see myself wearing this with white jeans to transition into fall. 
5.Plaid Blazer - I got lucky and scored mine at clear the rack (Nordstrom Rack's sale where clearance is extra 25% off) and found it for like 15 dollars! This one is super similar. I love how it just adds such a chic look to anything. You can even sport it with a tee and ripped jeans and it's just perfect. I think it gives a cool, edgy look. 
6. Classic Trench- Everyone needs one. It makes me feel like a boss (lol super lame, I know but seriously!) Just so effortless and chic. Throw one on & it steps up your outfit.


Thanks for reading! Hope you find a jacket that suits your fall style. Which style is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.


Friday, September 7, 2018

August Favorites

Click to shop: 
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7
  1.  Free people jeans- I have been wearing these non-stop since I have gotten them. They are very stretchy and I love the busted knee. I want them in the darker wash too! You have to size up a size! I read all reviews and I am so happy I went a size up. 
  2. Morphe Brush- I just got this brush in within the last two weeks. I got it for bronzing and blush. I really like the size of it and it's good for blending your blush and bronzer together and making everything look smooth. It wasn't my favorite for contouring, but definitely for blending blush & smoothing your contour.
  3. Banana Powder- This is 4 dollars! Go and get it now. It works so well and it really does make a difference with brightening under the eye. I like that it's not that streaky yellow color when you put it on, it blends into the skin nicely. It also has super great reviews, so flip through them if you're curious how it will blend with your skin coloring.
  4. Luminoso Blush - THE BEST DRUG STORE BLUSH. Sorry for the crazy caps but I'm that serious y'all. It's so pretty and peachy and great for warmer looks. Forgot how much I loved it but glad I picked it up again this month! 
  5. Pajama Set- Even though it's warm out, I've been wearing these non-stop! They are so soft and comfortable and I just love a matching set. I got a medium but could have definitely done small, they run generous. Here is a similar style that's on sale!
  6. Steve Madden Mules - A Nordstrom Sale find that I love! This grey color is very neutral, I love it with white denim transitioning into fall. This shoe goes really well with cool tones & the silver stud detail is perfect. They come in so many colors! I think they're great shoes for fall. I got my normal size, a size 9. 
  7. Coffee Table Books - I have been trying to add some decor to my room and I love stacking books like these on top of one another! This vogue one is so fabulous and fun! It's a good price point too for home decor. 
What's a product you love ? Share it with me down below! Thanks for reading everyone. Hope y'all have a great week xoxo

Thursday, August 30, 2018

10 lessons from 1yr of blogging + GIVEAWAY

I seriously can't believe it's been a year of x0danielle - what started as a project in my marketing class became my side hustle and hobby, crazy right? This blogging journey has connected me to so many amazing and inspiring women, and has helped me create so many connections that I am thankful for.

1. I've learned how important it is to stay true to yourself. With so many people trying to fit in, it's important to be you. Talk about what you like to talk about. Wear what you like to wear. Pose how you would pose. Do things that are in your nature because you are the reason people are following you! It can sometimes be hard to be original in a world of blogging, where everyone is talking fashion/beauty/lifestyle....but that's where I think it's important to open yourself up. I have learned that you have to put your personality in things & that is something I am still working on. It's sometimes so hard for me to find the balance between instagram & real life.
2. You don't need to spend a ton of $ to be a blogger - I feel like the notion these days is that bloggers are people who finds the hottest items first & spend all their time shopping. We are natural born shoppers for sure, but we all have some kind of a budget. I shop at places that are true to what I like and where I like to shop. I have also learned the power of mixing and matching your pieces, and buying things that will take you from season to season. I love my pieces to have mileage so I can enjoy them for a longer time!
3. Blogging is work-- that means photoshoots, content preparation, deadlines-- things I never knew were going to be difficult to plan, were. When you scroll through insta, you just think - oh she just looks cute everyday & her siblings take her pictures daily. NOPE-- my siblings/photographer/friends take my pics ahead of time, I plan content and I post accordingly.  There is a lot of behind the scenes that goes into the perfect post.

4. Marketing yourself - is huge as well. You should be able to negotiate rates, have a sense of self branding & image and all these things that are huge - 'wtf how do I do that moments?' (Which will lead me to my next point) but essentially - you have to
5. Find support groups- I have connected with so many amazing ladies that I am so happy to have met. It is so helpful to have a group of girls to ask things about. There can be so many questions and having people to go to when in need is so important. I'm apart of two Facebook groups that help me a lot!
6. Only take partnerships that support your brand - it's important to note that as a blogger, I really only want to work with brands I actually like and I support their product. I don't think there is any point is posting about something that I don't genuinely like or doesn't work. I have gotten offered by a lot of companies for their product in exchange for a post, etc. and I have said no. You have to stay true to what your message is, and mine is honestly just sharing things I love with all of you.

Friday, August 24, 2018

How to transition your summer looks for fall

How to buy clothes that will transition into fall is something I always think about. Living in Chicago, you can get four seasons in one day. I try to focus on buying pieces that can be good for Winter or Summer. Two polar opposites, I know. Bear with me as I explain my logic!

1. Black Lace Cami - this thing is awesome. I layer it under all my cardigans, leather jackets, etc. It looks great and gives a feminine look to any outfit. It's also perfect in the summertime as is. For 12 dollars, it's a closet must have.

2. Paper Bag mini skirt - I love this skirt so much! I think the color is really important on why this piece transitions. It's an olive shade, so it works in winter and fall seasons.  I wear it in the winter with a black turtleneck, tights & booties. SO cute! In the summer, you can pair it with wedges and a cami. In the fall, trade it your wedges for open-toe booties & a light cardigan on top. I love the versatility of this skirt.