Wednesday, June 12, 2019

4 Comfy Travel Shoes

Before I took my Europe trip, I knew that I needed comfortable shoes to take with me! I've always been about comfort and style but I wanted to pack light (at least try to!)

I narrowed it down to a couple pairs of shoes and they were amazing!

1. WHITE SNEAKER - Gucci convertible sneakers - So I bought these right before my trip and it was my first time wearing them which I was kind of nervous about. The only thing that took a minute to loosen up was the tongue of the shoe. It was kind of stiff in the beginning but it got more comfortable with time! I would give them a 4/5 for comfort! They are comfortable but not out of this world comfy, if that makes sense. I have common project sneakers that are a little comfier due to the fact that they have a thicker sole. All in all, I recommend a white gym shoe for travel in general! 
price of  Gucci is 730 and the price of the common projects is 465. White sneakers will always go with everything!

2. ESPADRILLE -  I think espadrilles are such a great slip on option because they don't have a sneaker look to them. They can look more dressed up and can go well with dresses and more feminine outfits. I got the Sam Edelman Krissy ones which I loved and were good for doing things like going through TSA and little day trips but they were not THAT comfortable for a 10 mile day. I would recommend wearing little peds so the woven part doesn't rub on your skin but other than that part, it was comfy! These are priced at 79.99!

3. SLIP ON SNEAKER -  So I've never really been a slip on sneaker person because I personally feel like they always fit a little weird. I found these at DSW and I originally went for the 9 but then I realized they had a bit of room so I sized down to a 8.5 and they were perfect! They have memory foam and were super comfortable to walk around Rome in all day. Some days I did 10-15 miles walking and they felt amazing! These are just under 50 and are so worth it.

4. PLATFORM SANDAL -  I also bought these before actually testing them out and wearing them. They were crazy comfy! I was scared the back strap would rub the back of my heel but nope they were amazing. I totally recommend these sandals and I think they were only 27.99!

What is the one shoe you always take when you travel?

Shop my favorites here:


Monday, May 27, 2019

Rome Travel Guide - What to see, eat, & do in Rome

Hi guys, Rome was a blast and definitely a sight to see. There are so many tourist attractions that are amazing & delicious food. We stayed for a week but I think you could probably see all of Rome in 4-5 days.

I'm going to break this post down my category, so that it is easier for you guys to locate what you need from this post!


First up,  food. Food's always the best part, right?  We tried some really good spots. Something to note about Rome is that it's mostly 'take out' food. Their culture was built on take out & a lot of places don't have sitting areas. It's more of a grab your food & go type of thing. If you want to sit, I definitely recommend going to a nicer spot.

1. Alfredo ALLA SCROFA - Fettuccine alfredo is probably one of my favorite Italian dishes. This spot is the people who originally invented this dish. It was so cool to experience it from where it was made. Service was great & drinks were lovely too. When they bring your plate to you, they cover it in parmesan and toss the pasta for you right in front of you. This spot is finer dining, but I would definitely recommend.

2. La Freschetta - Ok this place was bomb! The drinks were so good  (I had an aperol spritz for the first time, bomb) and the food was even better! My sister and mom got pasta dishes and I ordered a pizza that came straight out of a brick oven. We also tried appetizers of bruschetta, suppli& fried mozzarella. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the food ( I ate it before I could haha) but I would definitely recommend this spot! So yummy and unique.

3.  Al Forno della Soffitta - This was THE BEST pizza of the whole trip. All the ingredients were so fresh and made in an oven right in front of you. If you're looking for tasty thin crust pizza, this is the spot. It wasn't busy around 3 pm so when we ordered the pizza it took literally ten minutes to come to your table. Now that is fresh! I put a picture of the pizza from this spot here!

4. Giolitti- Best Gelato in all of Rome. Don't waste your time at the other spots, this is where the locals go!

5. Pastificio  - For 4 euro you can get pasta & wine. This is an amazing price! This spot is near the spanish steps & is great if you just want something really quick to eat. Not five star dining, but none the less a great spot for a decent lunch! They make two pastas daily and it varies by the day.

6. Caffe Vatican - If you're visiting the Vatican, grab a cappicino or espresso at this spot! So delicious and my favorite one.


7. Antico Caffe Greco - I had a delicious caffe latte with soy here. This spot is in the spanish steps where the luxury shopping is. I loved it! It was a super old coffee shop and had such cute decor.

8. Tazza d'oro Caffè - A super yummy coffee shop right next to the Panthenon. Extremely busy, be prepared to drink and go.

9. Canova Tadolini - This cafe is so cool! It has sculptures inside of it which I thought was so interesting and unique.


  • Trevi Fountain - You must make a wish here! So touristy but so fun and the fountain is just breath taking. 
Friday, May 3, 2019

April Favorites

Hi loves! What a month April has been. With my birthday, Easter & planning my vacation I've been so busy (but in the best way!) . I thought I would update you all on what I've been loving this year.

  • 1. Moon magic jewelry - I love all the dainty gold pieces. This necklace & ring are so perfect & great for everyday. I picked up the Talar ring and the Solar necklace. They have too many cute things I want to purchase more.

  • 2. Amerii rattan bag -I love this straw bag! I am trying to take minimal bags on my trip and this one is going to be so perfect. I can't even tell you how gorgeous it is in person! I love the white one. It is more of a cream color, but it is handmade & gorgeous.

  • 3. Quay sunglasses- I really love the color of these, I don't have any like it. These were a gift from my friend Natalie and I can't wait to wear them all summer.

  • 4. Pearl hair clips - If you did not know, hair accessories are the thing right now. Everyone has them & everyone is buying them. They are just too adorable not to get!

  • 5. Top knot head bands - I can't get enough of headbands either! This one is handmade, so cute & locally made in Chicago by the sweetest girl. Her shop is worth checking out. I'm so excited for her new designs.

  • 6. Don't despair, repair hair mask - I love their products! This is the second product I tried and it's so amazing. I love how soft my hair feels not just the day after, but 2 and 3 days after.

  • 7. Nuria Defend Skin Restoring Serum - The smell of this serum honestly sold me! What I love about nuria it is a clean beauty brand & their brand is all about supporting women. This serum helps brighten face due to toxins in air & just dull skin in general. 

I always love to share some favorite finds with you ladies! I try to many new products and always like to let you all know which ones make the cut.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Office Desk Essentials

Hey everyone,
I got my first office job this year (yay) but it's been such a different kind of adjustment for me. There are some things I realized I always need to have with me when I'm at work.

  1. The first one - tea bags & keurig cups. I keep these in my desk at all times. I'm usually running late and don't always have time to make coffee or tea before work. Pro tip: leave a travel mug at your desk so you can always wash it out & re-use it.
  2. Hand Sanitizer - I eat a lot at my desk so to avoid getting up every minute, I have have these.
  3. Mints - If you know me you know I love garlic & onions lol - I always keep mints hand.
  4. Post its & journal - for work notes or personal notes. I jot down my thoughts through the day.
  5. Fan - Ever since I bought a fan I've been cold, but It gets humid once it gets warmer. I actually found mine at the dollar store but you can buy them on amazon for about 12 dollars.
  6. Snacks on snacks on snacks - I try and pack heathy ones like granola bars or fruit. Granola bars are great because you can leave a pack at your desk for the week.
  7. Chapstick- I feel like the air in the office can be so dry? I keep one at my desk for whenever I need it.
  8. Water bottle - this one should go without saying! Try and drink as much water as I can daily.
  9. Hair ties & clips - Something I'm always loosing and always need. I try to keep a couple at the desk.
  10. Tissues! Again, I feel like dry air always makes me sneeze. Also in case you ever spill anything (I know I do).
  11. Sanitizing wipes - Seems to me that someone is always sick in the office. To keep your space clean, I recommend picking some up.
  12. Lotion - You never know when you will need it. 
Interesting enough, you can find a lot of these items at the dollar store. I love going to dollar tree for napkins, hand sanitizer, mints, hair ties, etc.  I also choose to sometimes buy them in bulk on Amazon.

Hope this helps! What is your #1 essential you leave at the desk?


Wednesday, April 10, 2019

23 facts about me

23 Facts about me

Since it's my birthday, I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you all a little more about me.

1. I was born and raised in Chicago. I love this city so much and honestly can't imagine living anywhere else. Winters are hard but the summers are amazing.

2. My parents are from Palestine. We definitely keep the culture alive with our language and love for the food. I'm very proud of where we have come from and pray for peace in Palestine.

3.My lisp and my body were things I always got made fun of when I was younger. Now I don't even notice my lisp and most people compliment it. My weight is something I used to struggle with but I embrace now that my body is just curvier and that's ok.

4. I studied marketing in college and I work in marketing right now! The field is awesome and I hope to get more into fashion based marketing in the coming years.

5. I am a middle child! I have two older sister and two younger brothers and we all still I've together. I honestly love living at home and with all of them. It can be chaotic but you get used to it.

6. I have a shoe obsession. Shoes are my favorite thing to buy & splurge on! We all have our vices.

7. One of my biggest dreams is to be my own boss one day.  I get so inspired listening to how people made their start up companies and I have hopes that I'll be able to do the same in the future.

8. I am a creature of habit and I could probably eat the same food everyday and never get sick of it.

9. On the opposite note though, I love going out to eat! I look up places all the time that I want to try. I love trying new food but there are some things I'm just not into (like seafood).

10.  I used to hate wearing glasses when I was younger, but now that I'm older I can't stop wearing them.

11. I used to be tumblr famous. Remember when tumblr was a thing? Lol I still have so many followers on there but I feel like it's so dead

12. I'm really good at saving money. It might not look like it from all the shopping I do, but I try to save 60-70% a paycheck. If you guys would be interested in a post about saving, please let me know!

13.  I have had long hair all my life! I got the urge this year to chop my hair, but don't think I have enough confidence to do it yet.

14. My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough.

15.  I hate buying anything full price. It has to be $30 dollars or else I will wait for a sale. Everything goes on sale eventually and anything worth having is worth the wait.

16.  I worked retail for soooo many years. It really taught me a lot about my personal style & how to find deals.

17. I have a cat named Coco. She doesn't like me very much and we honestly don't get along even though I wish we did.

18.  One of my goals for this year is to make a youtube channel! Coming soon hopefully

19.   I had braces for 4 years of my life and somehow I still feel like my teeth aren't straight enough! Lol

20. I'm honestly such a silly/goofy person but I don't show that on the internet. I don't want to scare you guys away (I'm serious lol) I'm definitely the funny one in the family.

21.  I have learned over the years that I am more of a talker than a listener and I'm trying to reverse that.

22. My favorite drink of choice is the salted caramel latte with almond milk at three arts cafe.

23. Not a glamorous fact but this year I discovered I have plantar fasciitis. It's a foot problem that stemmed from all my years of retail in shoes that weren't supportive.

Hope you guys enjoyed learning a little piece of my life! Cheers to 23.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is right around the corner! This time of year always flys by for some reason. I rounded up some items I have my eye on and haven't purchased (yet).

1- IFLY Luggage - If you have been following along, you know I am taking a trip soon (eek so excited!) This carry on is so chic and I hear so many good things about this brand.

2. L'amour Sweatshirt - This looks like a frame sweater but for so much less! Love this for a weekend casual look.

3.  Briogeo Don't despair repair hair mask -I have a leave in conditioner from them that I love and I love that this brand is vegan.

4.Summer Fridays  Overtime Mask - This brand gets so much 'hype' on instagram. Would love to try this mask out.

5. Prada Pointy Toe Flat - These have to be the most comfortable flats I own! Would love to add nude to my collection.

6. High waisted denim skirt - Love the subtle rips on this skirt and that it is high waisted.

7. Neon Dress - This neon dress is a perfect way to try the neon trend that's happening. There are so many ways to style this!

So excited for my birthday!  What's on your wishlist?


Friday, March 22, 2019

My top 4 serums and why I use them

Hi Ladies,

I don't know about you all, but I did not start using serums until the end of last year. Sometimes I get so lost in the beauty world because there are SO many options and it can be really hard to find what's right for you. I did some of my own research and have been testing out a couple serums. Here is what I used, why I like it & if I recommend them or not.

What should I use a serum? They are packed with active ingredients that can absorb into your skin quickly. They can also penetrate skin deeper better than your moisturizer can.

Personally, I suffer from hormonal acne and because of that I have a LOT of acne scars. What I want my serums to do is help with uneven skin tone balance, acne scars, and help brighten my skin. When searching for a moisturizer, that is what I look for.

PRO TIP: Put a serum on first, you can layer them but give them time to absorb into your skin. Make sure you put on a moisturizer as a last step, think of it as a barrier to lock in your serums.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what serums are and how helpful we can be, I will be sharing the ones that have been making a difference for my skin.

1. Eminence 8 Greens Youth Serum - The active ingredients in this serum are meant to tighten and brighten skin. This product is organic and amazing! I definitely recommend this one.

2. Free Girl Skin Care Serum - This is a plant based serum that with aloe vera that calms skin irritations. This is great for my sensitive skin because it is soo soothing. I love their brand mission and would definitely recommend this purchase.

3. Derma-E Vitamin C concentrated Serum -  This serum is meant for brightening your skin tone and uneven skin tone. Vitamin C is a great serum to have in your daily routine and I use this one every morning!  The price point of this one is great and I would definitely recommend it.

4. Murad Environmental Shield Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening - This item has huge claims but it lives up to them! This product says that you will see difference in your skin in just one week. I use this product nightly and I really do see a difference. The consistency is a little sticker but your skin will absorb it fast. This one is really good for hyper pigmentation and age spots. I will definitely repurchase this product.

The thing I love about serums is that you can layer them, you just have to give them time to dry. In the morning I usually use the Free Girl Serum and The Vitamin C, and in the night I use Murad and Eminence. This is what I find works for me and helps my skin.

I hope you guys found this post helpful and you learned something! What is your favorite serum?