Sunday, February 10, 2019

Products that will SAVE you during the Winter!

Hi Ladies,

The winter months are so brutal in the midwest. I know some of you have better climates where you live (so jealous!), but none the less winter is hard on our bodies. Our hair becomes drier, our skin needs extra moisture, our lips get chapped. It's honestly the worst LOL. However, there are certain products that are game changers! They help so much to restore my skin, hair & lips.

1. Laniege lip mask - I've posted about this a couple times on instagram stories. This mask is $20 bucks and is an overnight sleeping mask. I keep it by my bedside and I put it on before I sleep. I wake up with plump and supple lips. It has been so cold that I literally have been using it as chapstick and taking it everwhere I go. I probably shouldn't but, oh well! It works so well. You know when your lips are so dry and you put chapstick and they burn? This product doesn't do that! It's simply soothing and a must have in my opinion.

2. Maelle Facial Oil - I never knew I needed a face oil until I tried this. This is the last step in my night time skin care routine. You wake up and your face feels SOOOO supple. A pro tip to using this is to also mix it with your moisturizer in the morning on days you are feeling super dry or that the weather is really cold. The oil will soak into your face and help protect your skin. You can get this for $10 off with my code: Danielleh10 at checkout.

3. Skin Sparkle Facial Polish - An exfoliator without beads that is AMAZING on sensitive skin. I never thought a product like this existed! It is an essential to me. I was never able to exfoliate before this, but now I can use this twice a week to take off dead and dry skin.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

January Favorites!

Hey loves!

January was such a LONG month. These winter days feel so long sometimes but Ground hog day passed and hopefully we will have an early spring! Yay. I'm going to share the products that I have loved most in January, hope you guys will find something you love.

Blue light blocking glasses - I recently got an office job so I'm staring at a computer screen way more than I was before. These glasses block blue lights from harming your eyes and are actually super cute! I get a lot of compliments on them and all my friends wanted a pair after seeing them on me. They're 16.99 and I definitely recommend them if you are on your phone/computer/tv a lot.

Sunglass Storage- If you're like me, you have a lot of fun summer shades. This is so helpful to me because now all my shades are in one place. 19.99 and you get two bins from Amazon!

Pull-on slacks - These slacks are so chic! I love the piping and that it has green in them. They will definitely mix it up at work and add something different than just a plain black pant. They are pull on, so no zip and no fuss. They are also super comfy! Price is amazing too (24.99). I got a size 10 in them.

Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Facial Cleanser- I really feel like natural products for my skin are the way to go. I am sensitive and acne prone and this cleanser is meant to treat just that. SO gentle and leaves my skin feeling SUPER clean. Love love love this stuff! I am quickly becoming obsessed with this brand.

Podcasts- Crime Junkie & How I built this 
Crime Junkie is great for people who love murder shows! I find these so interesting. I listen on my way to work or when I'm cleaning my room. How I built this is super inspiring -- it talks about how entrepreneurs got their business started and off the floor. Everyone was just somebody with a passion!  It was so cool to hear about some brands I love like Spanx & Warby parker started.

Shop the post:

Thanks for reading! Cheers to a new month!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Everyday Makeup + GIVEAWAY


  1. First I prime with  Bobbi Brown Vitamin Base. 
  2. Then I go in with: foundation: Laura Mercier 10 hr my shade is Shell. I buff this into my skin with the foundation Brush: Morphe 439. 
  3. For Acne I go in with the Secret Camouflage concealer in shade 2 for acne scars and I use this brush
  4. Before concealing under eye, I use Secret Illuminator from Maelle beauty.
  5. For under eye concealer, I use Shape Tape and a Beauty Blender.
  6.  I set concealer with the under eye Powder: Secret Brightening 
  7. I use this Brush to clean up powder under eye.
  8. Next I use the Contour: Cali Kit
  9. I use the cool shade to highlight where I am going to put bronzer and I apply it with this brush. I use the Maelle Bronzer with this Bronzer brush.
  10. The next step is Blush: Contour Cali - I use this brush.
  11. After that Highlight: Contour Cali - Brush for highlight
  12. EYES:
  13. Prime lids with Eye shadow primer
  14. Eyeshadow Palette (First 3 colors used). I use the second one all over. Then I use the the third one in crease. The first shade goes under brow bone.
  15. Eyelash Primer is used to prep lashes for Maelle Mascara
  16. Charolette Tilburry Lip Liner - color is pillow talk. 
  17. Maelle Lip Crayon in Rose- full of moisture in dry winter months.
  18. Eyeshadow Brushes - this set has everything I need.
  19. Lastly, I use the Laura Powder & Puff to set my face with powder.
  20. I spray Setting Spray all over and done!

Hope this was helpful! I linked all the steps and all the brushes so it can be easy for you to follow along! If you have any questions, please drop them below or message me on Instagram.

There is also a GIVEAWAY going on this INSTAGRAM post. Winner will be announced Friday Night!


Sunday, January 20, 2019

Gym Essentials

Anyone who is trying to get back into the gym definitely needs some extra motivation. I know I do! For me, I love new work out clothes. They are cute, comfy & make you feel amazing at the gym.


Adidas Tee- Super trendy! Can wear in or out of the gym. Very breathable and stylish.

Track jacket- So adorable to throw over to and from the gym.

Zella leggings- Zella leggings are my favorite for true work out leggings. They hold you in and are never see through! SO reliable I have like ten different styles from this brand.

Sports Bra- My favorite ones are from the Victoria's Secret sport collection. SO many cute designs. 


Air pods- I love my air pods because there is no cord to get in the way. Your phone can be in your pocket, and you can be working out so seamlessly.

Ello bottle - keeps water cold & style is sooo sleek! 

Resistance Bands - I grab mine from Amazon. So many ways to use these and incorporate them into your work out.


Running - Ultra boosts. Hands down the comfiest and most supportive pair I have ever owned.

Training days- Nike Prestos or Adidas NMD. It's better to wear something with a flat bottom when lifting weights or training. 

Hope this post was helpful! These are things I use in the gym everytime I go.


Thursday, January 10, 2019

4 Lifestyle Changes

Hi everyone! It's been a minute since I wrote any lifestyle content. I've truly been re-evaluating my spending, eating, and health habits since the holidays. I knew I wanted to make some changes but I did not want to introduce them in January. I wanted to adapt them before hand so I could get used to them and keep myself accountable always, and not just as a new year resolution.

  • I introduced My Fitness Pal in the first week of December. I stepped on the scale after Thanksgiving and I was like yeah... I don't want to gain any more weight this holiday season. I started tracking what I was eating just through the app. Just by logging my food, I was able to loose 5 pounds. That may not seem like a lot to the average person, but to me it was a big deal! I'm continuing to track what I eat daily, and it's paying off.  My Fitness Pal is an APP you can download. It's so easy! You can even scan labels on there and it will add the item to what you ate that day. It's super self explanatory as well.
  • I started carrying around a water bottle. This is going to seem like such a Diva move, but I never want to carry a water bottle that's not cute LOL. I  just can't carry something bulky and ugly around all day. I recently picked up this ELLO water bottle and I've been drinking water daily ever since. It comes in rose gold and matte black, I loved both options but I went with rose gold because it's brighter. Carrying a water bottle has helped me drink more water, which in turn I think is really helping my health.  
  • I'm starting to acquire a regular gym schedule. I say starting because I don't have it set in stone yet on what days I do what exercise, but never the less I am going. I am making it apart of my daily routine more than I ever have. One thing that has really helped me is packing my gym bag the night before and leaving it by my purse. That way in the morning, I can't make an excuse that I'm not prepared or ready to go after work. With that being said, there are days I should work out and I don't, and that's ok. We are all human and sometimes need a break. I am trying to go three days a week and eventually four, but until I get three down I am going to keep myself accountable to this realistic goal.
  • STOP SPENDING MONEY. Within the year, I have really cut my coffee consumption. I rarely go to Starbucks or Dunkin, for the most part, I drink my morning coffee at home. My one weak spot for spending money Who would have guessed, right? Now that the holidays are over, I'm done spending money. Realistically, there is nothing I need to purchase that I do not already own. For the month of January, I am REALLY trying to limit my spending. The problem is, I do not allocate a certain amount of money a month to clothes. When I see something I want, I buy it. However, my one rule for January and the coming months, is to only buy things I truly NEED. I am not going to buy a new mascara unless I run out of one. I am not going to buy a new chunky sweater, because I have ten already. The one thing I am looking forward to purchasing is a new perfume. I ran out of three bottles, so I'm on the hunt for a new one! 

I started thinking of all the things I wanted to accomplish for January in December. And then I thought to myself, why wait til January to go to the gym when you can go now? Why wait til January to track your food consumption when you can start now? If you want something to happen, or want to do something, GO for it! Don't let a new year or a new month or a new week or another Monday for the changes you want to make. 

Hope you all enjoy this and in some way it inspires you to accomplish and changes the things you want to improve on! 


Thursday, January 3, 2019

Best of Beauty 2018

Hi Loves! Happy 2019. I discovered some amazing products in beauty that I wanted to share with you all.  These are my holy-grail products of the year, I definitely couldn't live without them!


Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation- An Allure winner of 2018 and no wonder! Flawless coverage, stays on all day. Every time I wear it, people always tell me my skin is glowing. It's great for everyday or special events because it is buildable.

Too Faced Born this way  - I seriously think this foundation is part of the reason that my overall skin is becoming so much better! It has great ingredients in it that truly make your skin look amazing, like you were born that way.


Tarte Shape Tape - If you have not bought this yet, you are missing out. No other concealer coverage like this out there! It's always a flawless finish and never ever creases.

Makeup Revolution Concealer - This $7 is great! For the price, you get great coverage. I love this as an every day concealer. Works good on dark spots and acne but I like to use it under my eye.

 Eye Shadow:

Rimmel Spice Palette - I was so surprised with the quality of this palette. This drug store palette easily became my everyday eye palette after the first time I bought it. The shades are beautiful in the 'spice' palette, and blend so well. They truly stay all day and don't crease! Amazing.

Girgio Armani Eye shadow- If you want quick eye shadow on the go, grab this! You can blend it with your finger and the color is just gorgeous.  I recommend the shade rose ashes or cold copper.


Elf Pencil - This pencil is less than a dollar and its my eyeliner for my bottom lash line everyday. The brown color is perfect.

Stila Pen- This eyeliner is amazing. I can't use anything else for a wing. It is so precise and the color pigment is everything.


Maelle Above and Beyond - This product curls my lashes and lifts them. It also is super black which I love abou a mascara! Definitely recommend and you can get 10$ off when you use my code Danielleh10

Telescopic Mascara- I will continue to buy this. This is probably like my tenth tube. It's amazing. I've also done a whole mascara review in this post, if you are interested in this category!


Air Spun - I have bought this like over 7 times. It's a great finishing powder. I use this every single day! Seriously.

Laura Brightening Powder- This is perfect for stetting your concealer. Since I've got this product, I refuse to use anything else.

Clinique Stay Matte Pressed Powder-  I keep this powder in my makeup-bag for touch ups when I get oily. It has good color and coverage.


Bronze Goddess-  This bronzer lasts forever which is crazy. It gives a really good glow has slight shimmer but nothing crazy.

Maelle Bronzer- This stuff is amazing. Has a lot more shimmer and the perfect bronzer for that warm flushed glow! Use my code Danielleh10 for 10$ off!


Anastasia Blush Trio -  This blush trio is everything! SO great and the colors are so pigmented.

Nars Orgasm- Need I say more? Such a classic blush. I always always have this in my collection/


Mac Skin Finish- Double Gleam: This is my everyday highlighter. Soft yet still creates a beautiful flow.


Bobbi Brown Vitamin Face Base - At first I did not love how thick this was, but then I realized it was more of a moisturizer/primer. It's on the thicker side but once it sinks into your skin its great for your foundation.

Setting Spray:

 Mac Fix+ - I have this thing where I can never tell if primer or setting spray really work? Regardless, I do really love this Mac spray...I feel like it always keeps my makeup in place.


I had a hard time narrowing it to one product because to be honest I usually just do a nude liner and/or a gloss.

Buxom Liner- plumps your lips and shades are amazing. I have about every color!

Marc Jacobs Gloss- Not too sticky and perfect amount of color! Sugar Sugar is my fav.

Mac Velvet Teddy - When in doubt, I put this color on. It never fails!

Honorable Mentions:

IGK Dry Shampoo - If you need an amazing dry shampoo, this is it. A little bit more money but it is sooo freaking good. I can keep my hair for like 4 days with this dry shampoo. It will even make your hair look bomb after a workout. Also, can we talk about volume? I will rebuy this forever.

Lip Mask -  Putting this on before bed is a game changer! Especially if you get chapped lips in the winter.

Kopari Deodorant - Made the switch to this natural deodorant and never going back. Glides on so smooth, keeps you dry & smelling fresh. I have tried others that suck but this one is everything!

I did not want to make this post too crazy long so I'm just doing best of beauty. If you guys would like to see skin care as well and hair, please let me know down below.

Thanks for reading! Hope 2019 is an amazing year for all of you!


Friday, December 28, 2018

How to Save up for Designer Goods - Guilt Free

As the year comes to an end, it's time to think about 2019.  This year, I want to invest in myself. I decided that instead of buying so much 'fast fashion', I want to start buying investment pieces I know I can keep forever that are worth the money. Reel is going to help me do just that!


 Reel is a guilt free shopping platform. What I mean by that is, you can search Reel for just about any item you want! The website is mostly luxury goods, such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Valentino, etc. Reel helps you set a realistic goal so you can figure out how to get the designer products without swiping your credit card. It helps you budget your own money! Ah-mazing right?

How does it save your money?

Once you pick the item you want to save for, you can pick how many days you want to save and how much you want to save each day. For example, I want to purchase a Saint Laurent card holder.  I decided to divide it between 68 days. Each day, Reel will take 4.98 out of my bank account. I will have the cardholder in 68 days! They will place the order and ship it to me and boom it's mine.

I'll be honest, anytime I have bought a luxury item I have bought it with a credit card. It will be so surreal to have a designer item I have actually paid cash for in my possession. Another thing I want to touch on is that even though the website focuses on saving for luxury goods, you can save for everyday things such as a pair of Nike gym shoes as well.

What if I change my mind? What if I want to save less?

Reel allows you to always be able to adjust how you save. If you want to stop saving for a period of time, you can always pause Reel. In the case that you change your mind, you can always choose another product and the funds you were saving will transfer to your new item. What I love about Reel is that it helps you truly invest in the things you want to buy and it stops you from impulse shopping.