Thursday, April 1, 2021

Wedding Season Dresses for every wedding

 Hi loves! A lot of us have weddings coming up this season, which is so so so exciting! I know a lot of us are looking forward to going somewhere after last year. Below I've categorized dresses based on the type of wedding. I hope you can find something you love! I have a wedding in May which I'm excited to go too. I will probably order one of these as well! 

If you have a beach wedding, consider one of the beach wedding guest dress options! Go for something floral, flowy, or a light color. I also love that red mini with a  cut out! I have never been to a destination wedding, but it seems so fun.
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I always love a bold color moment! Here are bright, colorful dress options. Some of these are pricer because they are gowns, but you could most definitely wear them next season. Colors that are solid rarely go out of style.

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A lot of these options will also work for a fall wedding, even though I have spring/summer in mind. The sage color is all the rage right now. I am also seeing a lot of silk and mesh for dresses. A classic slip dress is never a bad idea! 

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Shop 3:

My sister Jeanette ordered that pink one on the left, which I'm obsessed with! It's so cute, we have a wedding to go to in May and it will look adorable on her.  That blue dress on the far right is such a stunning wedding guest dress option! I think I will order that for the upcoming wedding.

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If you have a back yard wedding or something outdoors, consider a floral dress. It is also pretty with greenery & a casual set up. They also pair well with wedges. 

Thursday, March 18, 2021

4 Spring Trends 2021

 So many cute things are trending right now that I am loving! I wanted to highlight a few of them below for you. 

1. Straight leg jeans

All the Gen Z's are coming for millennials over this one. I just missed the cut off as a millennial so technically I'm a Gen Z but I definitely feel more like a millennial. I am loving straighter leg denim, I find it super flattering & comfortable. I've got a few pairs I love, I'll link them below.

Left: Outfit is from Wantable, sign up for a style edit. Jeans are by the brand Kenzie, size 8. 

          Right picture: Mom jeans - Size 8 // Lace up Sandals // Dumpling Bag // Cami 

2. Corsets 

Corsets are trending ever since Bridgerton hit Netflix. I couldn't help but love the fashion too! I got a corset dress from Lulu's that I love, but there are also a lot of cute corset tops on the market. 


Black Corset Dress, Size M // Lace up heels, Size 9

3. Color 

Who doesn't love colors for Spring? Color just make me so happy and excited fort he upcoming season! Pastels are great tones right now for spring. Also, color blocking and pops of color are going to be big this summer. 


Yellow Sweater Dress, Size M // Pink Heels - size 9 // Pink Croc bag 

4. Matching Sets

I feel like matching sets are always going to be in, but especially now. We are all still wearing lounge wear and when you wear one color you just look put together. I'm loving this sage green set from h&m for a casual option.


Top // Skirt // Bag // Shoes   

What trends are you loving this season?


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Recent Room Finds From Wayfair

 As you all know I've been redecorating my room this year! My sister and I shared a room previously and I was not able to fully design it the way I wanted. I've been browsing Wayfair and I found some really cute pieces. 

 I'm debated on painting my current bed or purchasing a new one. If I'm going to purchase one I definitely want a tuffed headboard. This one is $149, love the gray.

I want a jewelry stand! I had one before but my cat would always claw at my necklaces. Now that I have open shelving in my closet, it's high enough that she can not reach it. I want to add either the hinged display or the organizer with bottom storage. The first one is $54 & the second is on sale for $33.

Same things goes for my dresser, I'm debating whether to paint my current or get a new one. I am going for a white & gold theme and love these two options ( 1 & 2). The first one is bigger & it's $949 & second is more affordable at $156.

Lastly, I definitely need a new rug. I had a blue one in here, but I am going for a neutral theme & this white one looks too cozy. 

Shop the items below

What was your favorite item? I want to add everything to my cart.


Tuesday, February 16, 2021

What Coffee Machine is right for you?


We have 3 coffee machines in my home, I know kinda of crazy lol. We love coffee around here and ever since quarantine we got two new machines. Here is what I like about each of them.

Ninja Coffee Bar 

This is a very versatile machine and great for a family. You can make single servings which is nice as well. It also has a built in frother on the side that froths coffee really well. It does have options for over ice, but I would definitely brew it and let it sit a bit before you add ice. It does come out hot even with the over ice setting.

It's very easy to clean & use! Overall this is a family favorite. We use it everyday. If you're looking for a good coffee machine with a frother & that makes single servings/rich brews/over ice then this is for you.

Price: On sale right now for $139 at best buy. You can also find it at Target ($159).

Nespresso Verturo

The one thing I will say about the Ninja machine that I don't love is sometimes coffee can taste acidic to me. That's why I love the Nespresso, because the coffee is very consistent! It always tastes good & always taste the same. I love love love it! What I love about the nespresso verturo is that you can make coffee, iced coffee & espresso. All the pods are different and can make different things! So depending on what you buy you can make ice coffee or espresso drinks like lattes. I love this feature! 

I personally use the Nespresso everyday. My favorite pods are odacio, melozio, ice leggero (for ice drinks),  & bianco leggero for lattes.  The combinations are endless & it's a really good machine. It's very easy to use.

The frother that comes in the bundle is also really good, what I love about it is that you can froth drinks hot or iced. I did a whole video on IGTV here if you want to check it out. The frother is already $100, so it's a good idea to get the bundle if you are going to want it. 

The one thing to note is that the capsules average out to about a $1.00. So if you are someone who spends $5 on a coffee, this machine will save you. But if you're used to buying a coffee bag that's $10, it's definitely going to be more expensive for you. 

Overall, this is my favorite machine right now.

Price: $179, bundle $230

Breville - The Barista Express Espresso Machine 

So if you know me & my sister Jeanette, we love our lattes. We love to go visit new coffee shops & try new places. My sister Jeanette recently invested in an espresso machine. It is definitely a learning curve but very worth the money. You can grind & brew fresh shots of espresso that just taste so delicious! You obviously need an espresso bean for this machine. The notes we noticed we like the most are caramel & nutty notes. We try different beans through bottomless. You can sign up & get your second bag free with my code. 

This machine is not cheap, it's around $700 so you definitely have to invest. You can make lattes, americanos & straight espresso shots.  It's an investment, made well & with last a long time. 

Price: $700

So...what's the right machine for you? It totally depends how you like your coffee! If you like just regular coffee, the ninja works great. If you want the ability to make lattes & coffee, I recommend the nespresso verturo. If you are just a latte kind of person, the breville is the way to go.

I hope this post was helpful from one coffee lover to another, please let me know if you have any questions!

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

My Closet Renovation!

My closet renovation is something I have been wanting to do for years! For the past couple of years I've shared a room with my sister. Now that this space is finally my own I wanted to re-do my closet. 

Why did we decide to do this project on our own? 

  • First things first, I was planning to go with a closet company. The best thing I think you can do is get a consolation from a closet company. Why? #1, it's free, #2, they do this on the daily and have a lot of tips/tricks that you might not have thought of before. 
  • I personally got consultations/designs from 4 companies. I looked into Container Store, California Closets, Inspired Closets & Ikea Pax System. Most of these you can set up online since we are in a pandemic. 
  • I know that I'm not going to live in this house forever, so I did not want to spend over $1000 on this space. I showed my dad ( who is very handy/familiar with construction) and he said that the project would be something he is willing to tackle.
  • Please keep in mind, I only think this is doable if you are familiar with power tools/wood saws/etc. My dad is very familiar with these elements so this was something we both knew that he could handle. 
  • Of course, these things can be learned on youtube as well. My dad estimated that this job could be done for under $500.

What type of closet do you have?

  • I have a reach in closet, which means my closet is in the wall and you have to reach into it. My closet dimensions are 104 width x 96 height x 24 depth. One perk of doing a closet design with a company is that they will be able to give you dimensions and show you what can be done with your space. 

What materials were purchased? 

Most of our materials were purchased from Menards. I think Menards/Home Depot/ any store like that will work just fine. They also have 'pre-made' closets that can be built and that is a much easier route! But if you want custom they are just a few more steps. 


How did we start?

  • We had to demo and take everything out. Once closet was clear, gave it a fresh coat of white paint so everything can match.
  • First things that went up were the two masonite wood pieces that were 96" inches tall. These stayed up because they are the same height of the closet height so once mounted into the ground with the framing angle pieces. A power drill was used to mount these.   

These are the two pieces that went up first that created a base for everything else. 

I know the picture below isn't the best but you can see the bracket that is attaching the wood to the wall.

Then, we worked section by section. We put the first shelf up, we drilled it into the main wood piece framing the closet. Then the bars went under, those were fairly easy.

  • Once you get the hang of putting the shelves up, it get easier. Make sure to level everything before hand. You can always use a pencil to mark your spot, and erase it after. 
  • We knew the measurements of everything. We followed a printed out measurement guide of my closet to a T so that all measurements were perfect. 
  • Repeat placing the shelves and drilling them into the main 2 framing pieces for each section. Then, put each bar and bar holder. 
  • The key for us so that the designed stayed up right was that the two main pieces were secure! Once we knew those were secure, it was easy to drill the shelves into the main piece. 

The decorative things that were bought:

The final touches:

  • Puck lights make a world of a difference! I put them under each shelf. They really make a difference with the lighting of each section. 
  • The valet rod, definitely something 'extra' but I think it will be great to plan my outfits with.
  • Belt hooks, I was able to add them to the side of my closet to maximize space and storage.
  • Acrylic risers, these also maximize space because you can put things under them as well. Definitely gives the closet a 'boutique' feel.
  • Matching hangers was also a MUST for me. Finally got rid of all the plastic and love how it looks. So sleek & clean!
  • Screw sticker covers to minimize the look of screws.
  • If any screw ends poked out, they were covered with these screw caps. 


Any other questions for me? Please feel free to leave them below!


Saturday, January 16, 2021

My 2020 Best Sellers


Hi guys! As always thank you so so much for shopping through my links! This post is of my cumulative best sellers (aside from amazon). I'll leave details and links below!

Booty Drops - You guys went crazy for these when you saw my results. Using this nightly in my routine has definitely been helpful for decreasing cellulite in my thighs.   Use consistently for best results. 

Nordstrom Tote - Not going too lie, I have had this tote for like 5+ years. It carries a lot and I love that it's reversible. It's a great gift idea too. It also has magnetic closure. 

The Oaui Leave in conditioner - I have repurchased this so many times. This is a great leave in conditioner. It smells amazing and works so well for my hair.

Office chair - I think this made the list because a lot of us are working from home this year. But I seriously searched high and low for a chair that was gold, white & was under $100. This one is a winner!

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask - I find myself reaching for this product when I have a patch of dry skin. I will say it's definitely a hyped product but it works well. 

Reformation Nikia Midi Dress - I got reposted on like to know it this year, and a bunch of you bought this dress - yay! It is so so flattering. I love it for spring & summer. 


Thanks for reading!


Friday, January 1, 2021

My Favorite Products of 2020

 2020...who knew I was going to stay home sooo much this year? Below are the products that helped me survive the year.

Nespresso - The best purchase for me was my nespresso machine. I use it everyday since I got it. Keep in mind the coffee averages out to like $1 per pod. It's good to buy if you are someone always going to coffee shops. You can make a cup of coffee, or a latte or an iced coffee depending on the pods you buy. 

Hand held vacuum - I used this so much this year. It's so handy for cleaning your car and small spaces.

Silk Face Mask- Mask-ne is the worst. I bought this mask to help prevent that and I love that it's neutral/close to skin tone. I also get a lot of compliments on it when I wear it in public.

Leave in Conditioner - I bought this one early during lock down and just love how my hair feels after using it. Almost done with it but will definitely be something I repurchase.

Hoop huggies  - I wear these earrings all the time. They are so light weight and they don't hurt to sleep with either. I got a second pair because I love them so much. 

It cosmetics cc - this has SPF and you only need a little product, but it goes a long way. It covers up my acne and is good to wear everyday super light weight. I'm shade light medium.

Beaky blenders - great beauty blender substitute, easy to use/clean & half the price!

Nexcare acne patches - I have bought these like 10x this year. So good for acne!! They will flatten/pull out impurities from the skin. Trust me on this one guys. 

Booty drops- These have to be used consistently for results. When using these for like 3 weeks at night on my thighs, it decreased cellulite. I love the smell too.

Gratitude Journal - last but certainly not least, the gratitude journal. If you need help appreciating the small things or making time to reflect in the morning, I highly recommend this journal. It's a good way to start your days. 


What was your favorite product in 2020?