Friday, October 27, 2017

Dip Nails VS No Chip...What's better?

Hi everyone!
I got my nails done this past Friday at a new salon called Xpressions in Skokie. It was a beautiful place that was super clean and cozy, they just opened up too. I have really weak natural nails, so I was debating whether to get a no chip manicure or try the dip powder. In the past, when I get a no chip manicure done, my nails usually break within 10-12 days. I knew that it doesn't always work the best for me, so I went with the dip powder.

What is the difference?
If you are not familiar with the types of nail services, a no chip is a gel shellac that is basically like regular nail polish but is cured with an LED light to make the color stay long. Dip powder is a totally different ball park. The only real nail polish is the top coat and base coat. For the color of your nails, you literally dip your nails into a powder. The whole experience was so foreign to me because I am so used to regular nail polish.

What did I think?
The one benefit to dip powder is that it is supposed to last 3 weeks. No chips are only supposed to last for 2 weeks. I would say that the Dip powder feels like it's right in between a no chip manicure and fake nails. My nails definitely feel more durable and hard. Sometimes, in previous salon visits, I would get a no chip done but my nails would still be bendable. With this dip powder, I feel like my nails are super durable and won't break.

The one thing I did not love about my dip powder nails is that the color in the bottle looks way different than the color that ends up on your nail. Be very careful with picking your color. The other thing, it isn't like no chip, the top coat needs a minute or two to dry. Make sure you allow time for your nails to be finished before doing anything, because they can smudge. It was also about 20 minute longer process than no chip.


All in all, I think I will try dip again. I just want to see how long it lasts first! I hope I explained things in enough detail! If you have questions on no chip manicures or dip nails, drop a comment down below!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I live in Skokie! Have heard about this salon! I will check it out!

    1. Hi Anne,

      They are my favorite salon! You will love them.

  2. Thank you for the explanation of what gel polish is. I've been wondering. Beautiful site, btw