Sunday, April 30, 2017

10 April Beauty Favorites!

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This is a post I have been waiting to do ALL month. I am a lover of anything beauty related, whether it be makeup or skin care related. This post will be about the top products I have been using and LOVING this month.  I am just going to go in random order about these products, I will talk about how often I use them, when I use them and how to use them!

  1. Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder GelĂ©e - I got mine from Nordstrom. This illuminating powder is amazing! It gives a really intense/tan bronze glow. I will probably use this more in the summer because it is very glittery and will look really good on tan skin. It is currently on backorder, because it is just that good! Price of this one is $45.
  2. MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish  - I purchased this at Nordstrom as well. This is also on backorder, however, they were able to special order it for me. This color is a beautiful, shimmery gold. It is a champagne tone and it is a color that would be perfect all year long. This is considered a skin finish, so you can put this all over your face to finalize a look or use it to highlight portions. I personally use it as a highlighter on my upper cheek bones. This one retails for $33.
  3. Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Cheek Palette - I actually got this as a gift for my birthday from my friend Jennifer. This palette is AMAZING. And when I say amazing, I mean it. I have been obsessing over it ever since I bought it. It's a combination of highlighters, blushes and includes a bronzier shade. I love that this palette has everything you need to get that natural glow. This item is limited edition, and I might just grab another because I love it that much. It retails for $30. 
  4. Covergirl Professional Natural Lash Mascara -  I am someone who does not fill in their eyebrows, even though it is in trend to have nice, full brows. I naturally have full brows, and I do not need to darken mine at all. This product is a clear mascara, but I use it to smooth over my brows just when they are getting a bit unruly. It's awesome because it's a cheap and it works! I go this for $5.49 from Ulta. 
  5. Lights, Camera, Lashes Precision Longwear Liquid Eyeliner -  My favorite go-to look for a night out is winged eyeliner. I have been perfecting the art of the perfect wing forever and I have learned it truly depends on what eyeliner you use! I have tried so many, but this Tarte one works perfect for me! The felt tip gives me the right edge, and the formula is super black and pigmented. I have repurchased this three times. It retails for $20 at Ulta.
  6. Clinique Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick - This is my favorite product for the face because it is so versatile and easy to use! These sticks can be used to contouring, concealing, or your whole face. I first received this as a sample and then immediately purchased it. I personally use it on my face as a concealer/foundation. If I apply my foundation and still have some spots peaking through, I apply this and blend it right on top. It's a super creamy easy to use product! This product is 24, and I bought this at Nordstrom.
  7. Nivea Kiss of Moisture Essential Lip Care -   This is hands down my favorite chapstick. Good size, good price and it works! Literally nothing bad I can say. Every girl should get this. It's 2.99 at Ulta. I always buy so many because I end up loosing them but it's so affordable and works well so I don't mind! You can pick this up anywhere, even at some local drugstores.
  8. Lancome Effacernes Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer - This is probably the most expensive concealer I have ever got for my undeye, but it has been amazing. I have sensitive skin, especially around my eyes and this formula is not irritating at all or drying. It is a waterproof concealer, which is really good if you have runny eyes or just get irritated easily. For me, the biggest win was that it does not crease at all. That is the main thing I look for in concealer, one that just sits well on my face. This does the job. This also has a good formula that is can be used as well as a face concealer on spots that need a little more love. This was $31 dollars at Nordstrom. 
  9. Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray - I got this from Ulta when I just felt like my powder wasn't enough to set the job. This spray helps my makeup last all day. I have days where I am out of the house 12+ hours and I need my makeup to last. This product does just that. I got it for $10 dollars at Ulta and it is travel size so easy to fit into purse or makeup bag. 
  10. MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick- This is not a new product, just my second purchase. This is my favorite everyday nude shade. I always have this in my bag. It's good for day or night. I love this nude and it will always be my go to.  I got it for $17 dollars at Nordstrom. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! It was a longer one, but I wanted to introduce you guys into some of my recent makeup obsessions! I added a close look on the highlighters (my true April favorite item). If you guys have any questions, comments, please leave them below this post!

Hope you're all having a great Sunday!


  1. For some odd reason, I tried the chubby stick in the highlighter form and it broke my skin out. Just a heads up if you ever wanted to try for yourself. Cool favorites though, have to check out my Nordstrom.

    1. Was it the Clinique chubby stick highlighter? interesting! I have heard good and bad things but for me it's good as concealer/spot coverage.