Thursday, April 13, 2017

Louboutin Review -Pigalle Plato

So...I have always wanted a pair of red bottoms but never knew what pair would be the best option. I have been researching for about a year prior to purchasing these shoes. Last April, I went downtown to try styles on. I always wanted the 'So Kate' Style, but it had a really high pitch and a high arch. The style that fit me the best was the Pigalle.

The heel height was manageable. I then discovered the Pigalle Plato, which is the same structure but with a platform. This one was the best fit for me because the platform really helped make the shoe more comfortable. I knew that if I got the platform, I would be able to use them more.

I have worn them for the fist time two weeks ago. Safe to say they are not the most comfortable shoes, but they are so beautiful that it's worth it to me. The one con about these shoes is how scratched and messed up the bottoms of them get from walking. The sole is no longer 'red', but it's understandable after walking around a lot in them.

Hope this helps if anyone is interested in purchasing them. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or feedback. 


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