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How I lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks! 21 DAY FIX Review

Hey guys!
This post is long long long, overdue! I started this diet back in June and it helped me learn a lot about myself. My main reason for doing this 'fad' diet was not to loose a crazy amount of weight, but to teach myself how to portion and what kind of foods I should be consuming. In three weeks, I was able to loose 6.4 pounds, which was amazing for me! I hit a plateau and I needed a change and 21 day fix provided that for me. are probably thinking, what is 21 day fix?

It is basically a portion control program that gives you containers. The containers are for vegetables, fruits, proteins, carbs,  healthy fats, seeds and dressings. If it fits in the container, you can eat it. Based on your calorie intake, you are allowed to have a certain number of those containers per day. For example, my calorie intake was 1350-1400 calories a day. I was allowed 2 vegetable containers (green), 2 fruit (purple), 4 protein (red), 2 carb (yellow),  1 healthy fat (blue), 1 seeds, nuts or dressing (orange). You are also allowed two tablespoons of things like peanut butter, nut butter, olive oil, etc.

21 day fix also comes with a guide or grocery lists of what foods to purchase. I used this as a guide and purchased my own and kind of just went for it. I also got my containers off amazon and did not use the strict 21 day fix rules. I used it as a guide for what I wanted to do. So I didn't follow the whole program (which came with workouts), I just focused on eating the right amounts of the right food.

What to eat on 21 Day Fix Diet:

-1 piece of Whole Wheat Toast (1 Yellow container)
-Half Avocado (1/2 Blue Container)
-2 Eggs Scrambled (1 Red container)

- Yogurt (1 Red)
-Strawberries (1 Purple)

- Spring Mix Salad (2 Green)
- 1/2 Avocado (1/2 Blue)
- Balsamic Vinegar Dressing 1 Orange)
-Grilled Chicken (1 Red)

Snack 2: 
-Apple (1 red)
- Almond Butter (1 spoon)

-Grilled Chicken (1 Red)
- Quinoa (1 Yellow)

Side Note: Sometimes this is so much food that I did not eat every meal. The key important part is to get all your protein and veggies in. Once you do that, you realize how important it is to eat the right portions of the foods that are the most filling.

Example Lunch:

Hardest Part?:
  1. Meal Prepping- It was hard to be prepared. My go-to lunches were always chicken salad or turkey sandwiches if I did not know what to make. The easiest breakfast for me became avocado toast and eggs. The easy part about eating healthy is just remembering what works for you.There were days where I did not pack my lunch for work and had to run to the Mariano's salad bar because that was my best option. 
  2. Giving up cream in my coffee- This diet did not allow for any add-ins to your coffee. I did end up breaking this rule however, I used stevia to sweeten (calorie free sweetener) and just a dash of almond milk. A little cheat does not hurt if you do everything else with 100 percent effort! 
  3. Learning to become a mindful eater and no snacking-  Eating clean is not easy. It only gets easier when you get yourself into a habit of doing so. By having the containers, it 'forced' me to only eat what I had packed. It was hard to resist Stan's Donuts at work meetings, but it is all about discipline and being mindful of your goals.
Can you have cheat meals?
I had three cheat meals, and all were healthier options. I went out with a friend for her birthday, and I had a hamburger with just one half of the bun and a tiny portion of fries. I went to a wedding and had grilled chicken and kale salad. If you are eating out, stay away from fried and go towards grilled. If you are going to a BBQ, fill half your plate with veggies and the other half protein and carbs. 

Is there foods that doesn't count? 
You can have endless amounts of coffee and tea, and also red wine I believe in moderation.  There is a full list here of all the foods you can have that don't count.

Did you work out?
Yes and no, The first week I was really dedicated and the second and third week I probably worked out lunch. The real 21 day fix pack comes with 30 minute workouts if you are interested in that. I bought my containers off amazon at this link, which is more of the off-brand type, but still serve the same purpose!

What was my end result? Down 6.4 pounds in 3 weeks and lost inches!
Again, personally the goal was more discipline than loosing weight. I am so happy with what I accomplished and it is only up from here. This taught me to be more mindful and to eat more protein, more vegetables, less carbs and less condiments.

Thanks for reading guys! Hope this helps anyone who wants to find a way to portion control and eat cleaner. Again, if you have any comments about this program just leave me a comment down below.


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