Monday, August 14, 2017

My Vegas Trip

Hi everyone! I know I have not posted for a long time and that's because I took time off work to go on vacation. It was so nice to just be away from work for awhile and to spend time with my sister and my mom

I'm going to break down what I did each day for you all and my guide of places to go eat and see.

Day 1:

I flew in my favorite Old Navy tank and Victorias' Secret leggings. I'm so glad I brought my comfy NMD's seriously so light weight and good to travel with. I brought my nike hoodie for the plane, and my Tory Burch Tote because it fits literally everything. Can't forget my favorite sunglasses for the summertime. 

Landed and...
I got right off the plane and went to In-N-Out. I had never had it before and everyone spoke so highly of it so I went. The food looked amazing and it was such a cute little diner feel. To be completely honest though, I did not find the food that appetizing. I have definitely had better burgers so I'm not sure what all the hype is about. I would try it out again but I was not crazy about it. After that, we went to the pool for a little. I made sure to get a little pool time in each day.

You guys will have to forgive the poor quality picture I was just so ready to eat!

I stayed at the Paris hotel. This is a picture of my room, lobby, and pool. It was so cute inside there!

Pictures of the strip on my first night. 

 Day 2:

Day two we had Starbucks for breakfast before we went to explore more hotels and sights. The one thing I loved about Vegas is that there is so much going on in one place. For example, I saw two shows ( a mini opera, fall of Atlantis) in one day. It was so cool that they always have entertainment going on. 

Hotels I visited:
Venetian, Caesars, The Wynn (my personal favorite), Bellagio,  Paris,  Cosmopolitan, Treasure Island, Aria, Planet Hollywood.

 We had PF Change for dinner, my first time and it was so good. 

I had to pay a dollar for this picture... and the dude smelled. Would not recommend taking pics with anyone because inside it's always a smelly dude!

We walked the strip at night since its so hot during the day. During the day was for the most part pool time.

Day 3:
This day was supposed to be breakfast but we woke up so late that it turned into brunch. The place we planned on going we didn't like the menu so we went to Hash House A Go Go instead and oh my was delicious! 10/10 honestly I loved this place so much. Portions were huge and prices were great. Food was flavorful and ambiance was nice.

The venetian was so adorable they had a boat ride just like in Italy.

These pictures are from my favorite hotel the Wynn. So colorful and beautiful.

We went to a hookah bar that night since we were tired and just wanted to do something chill. We went to Luna Lounge. A little far from where we stayed but good hookah and great service.

Day 4:
Our final day was meant for shopping and relation after a busy couple days running around the strip and exploring. We decided that we wanted to go to the mall all day and shop and eat dinner there. 

Stopped for some pictures on the way to our destination.  We shopped at the Fashion Mall which was gorgeous! I got two sweaters from Topshop and a skirt from Zara. They had a nice mix of regular price and luxury stores. 

Having major regrets about not buying these pants. Mom and sister didn't love so I didn't get but now I can't stop dreaming about them and I can't find them on Zara website. What do you guys think?

 We ended up having dinner at El Segundos which was amazing. I had the enchilada special. I'm not sure if there is one in Chicago but it was amazing.

All in all, the trip was really enjoyable girls time. I had such yummy food and so many laughs. 

My favorite hotels were: Paris, Bellagio, Wynn, and Venetian.
Good places to eat and go in Vegas:
 Food: PF Changs, El Segundos, Hash House A Go Go
Drinks: Fat Tuesday
Dessert: Ben and Jerrys, Sprinkles

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you all eyed this post. If you have any questions about where to go what to do or stay, leave me a comment. 


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