Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Target Style + Outfit Under 60

Hi Y'all,
I have been shopping at Target forever but recently my Target got a remodel and they have stepped up their clothing game. It's crazy! It's literally like a women's department store inside of a target (can't complain). That being said, I want to show you guys this outfit I created under $60!

My outfit:

Earrings: Sugar Fix by Bauble Bar ($12.99) - I always loved the bauble bar ones but never wanted to spend the money on something so trendy. These went on sale at my local Target for 6.48. Other colors were still 12.99. I would check your local Target for this deal :)


Skirt: Plaid Pencil Skirt A New Day ($22.99) -  At first, I tried on the wrap skirt. I did not find it that flattering on my figure so I tried on the normal pencil skirt and I loved it. I got a size 10 and I can't wait to style it.

Top: Relaxed Bell Sleeve Any Day Pull Over Sweater: ($24.99) -  I just immediately loved the simplicity of this sweater and the subtle little tie details. I was struggling to find something to go with my new earrings and I thought I would stay simple and classic and pick up a black sweater. It is so comfy and such nice material! I'm seriously so happy with the quality and pricing of the three items I picked up.

My sweater is now apart of a buy one get one half off deal at target! Click here to shop! 

In general, Target is really killing the game. To me the quality is definitely somewhere in between H&M and Forever 21. Their a new day brand is my favorite and I also love the who what wear collection. Sugarfix by Bauble Bar is also awesome to get trendy jewelry at a cheap price. I will be shopping at Target so much more and can't wait to see what else they come out with!

I went back today and purchased this one & this one! So cute. 

Also select booties are 20% off! Happy shopping. 

Let me know what you guys think of Target's new line and if you have purchased anything.  As always, hope you enjoyed this post. Xoxo,

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