Thursday, March 1, 2018

At home teeth whitening system (Does it work?) + GIVEAWAY

Hi everyone! This has been a post that I have been so excited to do and it's been some time but it's finally coming to a close. I started whitening my teeth a couple months ago at home with Smile Brilliant.  This is a way for me to whiten my teeth at home, and it fits into my schedule so well.

A white smile I think is something we all strive for. I'm a person who drinks a lot of coffee and rarely has time to go get my teeth whitened, or even think about whitening my teeth. When I found about this easy system, I was so excited to start because I knew it would fit in perfectly to my night routine. 

For myself and my schedule, I always like to whiten before bed. It's the time I have to relax.  Because it's so simple to whiten, you can literally be doing so many other things while you have the trays in. I'm usually in bed on Netflix, or working on my blog.

The process to getting Smile Brilliant is so easy! You go online and order the system. Once you order the system, you are sent materials to make custom trays for your teeth. You have to mix these two pastes together to create a mold of your teeth for your custom tray. 

 This was so cool to do, and if you have ever had plastic retainers, it's a similar process. What I love about the trays is how they are made for your mouth, so it's not some big bulky whitening system that you have to use. It fits perfectly and it's just like wearing a retainer.  They reach and whiten every tooth!

The kit comes with two gels, one for whitening and one for desensitizing. The gels come in a syringe. The best advice I can use is to use the gels sparingly! You do not need too much. Simply just line the tray with some gel and it will be enough for all your teeth. You can get about 6 uses out of one tube.  The whitening can be kept in anywhere from forty five minutes to three hours.  After doing that gel, you can then do the desensitizing one. This one can be done for 15 to 30 minutes after. 

What I LOVED about it:

Super easy to use! Mess free and not uncomfortable. I got no sensitive feelings on my teeth through the whole whitening process. 

You can definitely tell in this first picture that my teeth had an overall yellow look to then. Looking at the second, you see a noticeably whiter difference!

If this is something that interests you (which I don't know why whiter teeth wouldn't!) I have a giveaway for you guys! Super excited because this is for a 149 dollar Smile Brilliant Credit. You have a week to enter! It is open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian Residents. Enter by clicking this link!

If you would like to purchase your own kit from Smile Brilliant, you can use my 15% code: x0danielle15 

Thanks for reading this post! Smile Brilliant has been wonderful to work with. I will continue to use their whitening products for better results. Let me know if you guys enter and good luck :)


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