Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How to design your Graduation Cap

I thought this might be helpful to anyone graduating (this year or next!)  on how to decorate your graduation cap. I wanted to outline supplies you will need, and how much time  you'll need.

I decided to decorate mine on a whim, I was debating on doing it or not doing it. Then I was like well this is probably the LAST time I'm graduating, so I thought why not.

I went to Michael's and grabbed:


  1. Make sure you count how many letters of each you will need for what you are trying to spell out. I was ok with just buying one pack of stickers, so make sure you have enough vowels to spell out all the words you are making.
  2. I did not want to mess up my cap with sticky glue, so I opted for stickers. I made sure to get pearls with a sticker back, and rhinestones with a sticker back as well.

Step by step:

  1. Put tape lines so that your letters stay even
  2. lay everything out before sticking it down

3.stick things down in the order they are spelled out
4. press down & hold on each letter & embellishment

This process was fairly quick for me. I did this in about a half hour. I had to re-stick my letters a couple of times because they kept coming out crooked, so make sure to use tape to allign your letters!

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