Sunday, July 15, 2018

Current Mascara Favorites - Drugstore & High End

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! This is a post I have been meaning to share. I love mascara, it's probably my favorite makeup product. I wanted to share all the ones I currently use and what I'm loving!

  1. Telescopic - this is hands down the best mascara for lengthening. I love using this one and have repurchased it over 7 times. It's so great even if you just do a couple coats for length and pair it wth a volumizing mascara after.
  2. Voluminous - Speaking of volumizing mascara, this is the one I swear by. I have bought this over 7 times too and I have bought the regular and the extra black. This seriously darkens your lashes so much and gives a crazy amount of volume. 
  3. Smokey Eye Mascara - this is not my fave but it's a good everyday mascara. Didn't do anything crazy for my lashes 
  4.  Scrumptious Infinite - I really like this one! It makes your lashes super black and does add length and volume. I will say though, I do think it does more length than volume. 
  5. Better than Sex - this mascara is over hyped, but it does do a really good job. With my lashes, I notice that it really picks up all of them, even the super tiny ones and doubles the volume. I get a lot of compliments when I wear this one! 
  6. Voluminous Extra Black - I just had to shout this one out, because it really darkens your lashes. I use this one more for night time or stronger eye looks.
  7. Lash Trifecta- This one curls and lifts all in one, this is one of those that the tube doesn't appeal to me, but it is so awesome. It lifts and opens my eyes.
  8. The Falsies - love the volume this gives me! I also like that the brush is curved so I feel like it doesn't miss any lashes.

Other mascaras I LOVE just don't currently use-

My absolute favorite drug store one is Telescopic and my favorite high end is Chanel Le Volume

What is your absolute favorite? Let me know down below!


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