Thursday, August 30, 2018

10 lessons from 1yr of blogging + GIVEAWAY

I seriously can't believe it's been a year of x0danielle - what started as a project in my marketing class became my side hustle and hobby, crazy right? This blogging journey has connected me to so many amazing and inspiring women, and has helped me create so many connections that I am thankful for.

1. I've learned how important it is to stay true to yourself. With so many people trying to fit in, it's important to be you. Talk about what you like to talk about. Wear what you like to wear. Pose how you would pose. Do things that are in your nature because you are the reason people are following you! It can sometimes be hard to be original in a world of blogging, where everyone is talking fashion/beauty/lifestyle....but that's where I think it's important to open yourself up. I have learned that you have to put your personality in things & that is something I am still working on. It's sometimes so hard for me to find the balance between instagram & real life.
2. You don't need to spend a ton of $ to be a blogger - I feel like the notion these days is that bloggers are people who finds the hottest items first & spend all their time shopping. We are natural born shoppers for sure, but we all have some kind of a budget. I shop at places that are true to what I like and where I like to shop. I have also learned the power of mixing and matching your pieces, and buying things that will take you from season to season. I love my pieces to have mileage so I can enjoy them for a longer time!
3. Blogging is work-- that means photoshoots, content preparation, deadlines-- things I never knew were going to be difficult to plan, were. When you scroll through insta, you just think - oh she just looks cute everyday & her siblings take her pictures daily. NOPE-- my siblings/photographer/friends take my pics ahead of time, I plan content and I post accordingly.  There is a lot of behind the scenes that goes into the perfect post.

4. Marketing yourself - is huge as well. You should be able to negotiate rates, have a sense of self branding & image and all these things that are huge - 'wtf how do I do that moments?' (Which will lead me to my next point) but essentially - you have to
5. Find support groups- I have connected with so many amazing ladies that I am so happy to have met. It is so helpful to have a group of girls to ask things about. There can be so many questions and having people to go to when in need is so important. I'm apart of two Facebook groups that help me a lot!
6. Only take partnerships that support your brand - it's important to note that as a blogger, I really only want to work with brands I actually like and I support their product. I don't think there is any point is posting about something that I don't genuinely like or doesn't work. I have gotten offered by a lot of companies for their product in exchange for a post, etc. and I have said no. You have to stay true to what your message is, and mine is honestly just sharing things I love with all of you.

7. I needed a wardrobe bar. This piece in my room really helped me visualize outfits, keep me organized & inspired. I got mine from ikea - I'll link it here.  It's only ten dollars.

8. I desperately needed a full length mirror in my room! Took me forever to find one that was perfect for me, but it's been so helpful with mirror OOTDS and trying to plan outfits.

9. Don't be hard on yourself, and don't compare - Coming to terms with not comparing yourself is one of the hardest things to do, but it's all about mindset. Sometimes things don't go as planned. You don't like how your pictures came out, your feed doesn't match, you're not gaining as many followers as you'd like etc. Then there are other times when you see people's engagement growing & they're doing so well and you're like what am I doing wrong? I have to remind myself daily that what I am doing has NOTHING to do with what anyone else is doing. I need to always focus my energy on myself, instead of thinking negatively or comparing, I just need to focus on doing what I love.

10. Support the people you love - Before I was a influencer, I would usually only scroll through instagram, I would like pictures but rarely comment. I learned how important it is to actually comment on peoples post, and let me know how much you like their content. It's so encouraging when someone tells you that they love what you're doing. So please always support others, whether it's your friends food page, blog, photography business, etc. 


I want to make some honorable mentions to some lovely ladies I've connected with through my time blogging. They all inspire me in different ways and I love seeing them on my instagram feed & scrolling through their blogs. 

I also have to shout out my amazing photographer, who definitely stepped up my instagram game. You guys please check her out/ book her if you live in Chicagoland Area - Brooke is awesome!

Ok so now for the GIVEAWAY!

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