Friday, August 17, 2018

Five Friday Favorites

Friday Five -- wanted to hop on for a quick blog post about some things that are making my life so much easier and that I'm loving

1. Blackhead remover- I promised I would update y'all with how this works. I wanted to test it out a little before telling you guys what I think. I have used it twice and 😳OMG...did it remove excess oil/sebum/blackheads.  I also had my sister try it & my brothers. So four people in my family tested it, and they all loved it. My tips are to use the smaller head and use it on the most power setting. I used it on power 2 at the most..and it was a lot. You have to be careful and keep the tool moving so that you don't bring too much blood to the surface of your skin.  My best tip is to use it right after a shower so your pores are open. I would watch some youtube videos too! It helped me out a lot. Search black head vacuum on youtube to see it in action! It's also recommended to only use once a week so you don't over work your skin. Wait also - did I mention it's 25? Such a good price for something like this. Comes with a charger & kit intructions too.

2. Express Cami -  Can't believe I didn't own this before? I snagged one in black & white. I run out of white cami's so easily because they get so dingy so quick. These are also BOGO! Grab black and white while you can 😃

3. Three words: Cold Brew Coffee - this is my new obsession ☕️. I'm always trying new coffee and I love making coffee at home. I actually got a sample of this in the mail from Dunkin...and I was like wait I didn't buy this? Ever since I tried it, I've been addicted. I hate when Cold Brew has an acidic taste...this does not at all. Super smooth bold taste! Add some creamer & ice and it's delicious. It's also on sale so it's a good time to try it out if you're an ice coffee/cold brew person.

4. Vans Old Skool Sneakers - What kind of post would this be if I didn't talk about shoes? I have never shared these sneakers I picked up. They're a really basic pair but with back to school coming around, it's a good time to grab them. They are so cute with any casual outfit and I love them for everyday wear. I like too style them with joggers & a off the shoulder tee. They also look so fresh with a pair of ripped jeans. I have a size 9 (my normal size). This shoe is such a good price point that it's like why not just add it to your closet? 😏

5. High Waist $20 jeans - Anything high waist is my best friend. I definitely put on some extra pounds this summer so I need anything that will help slim me. These jeans do just that and are super flattering. I love how they are distressed too! They are super comfy/don't stretch out. Best $20 dollars I spent on denim hands down.

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick Friday Five! Leave any questions about products down below.


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