Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Gift Guide: Gifts for Dad

Gift Guide: Gifts for Dad 

Heated Blanket - This is for the dad who always lounges on the couch, like mine. It is a heated blanket for the cold winter days ahead. A gift I am sure he will appreciate as the times comes by.

Air Fryer- For those who like fried food (like my dad), this cuts out a lot of the oil from frying. I know my dad would make chicken wings and frieds 24/7 with this, and it would be 'healthier'. Let's face it, they are gonna eat fried food anyway so might as well give them the newest technology to do so.

Ninja Bullet- For the dad who loves smoothies and shakes on the go, this is a great gift. I would honestly love one, can't see who wouldn't!

Fit Bit- For the dad who is starting to become more active, or just needs a push, a fit bit is a great gift. It will definitely help them get started on any new years resolution to exercise more or practice better health.

Bluetooth Headphones/Airpods - I got the bluetooth headphones for my brother, which I know he will love. The airpods are also a great option. I own the airpods and they are very convenient for every day use. They hold a charge for about a week too, which is awesome.

Ugg Slippers - I feel like anyone can appreciate some warm slippers! If you want to splurge, get an ugg pair. If you want a more affordable option, I got my dad these last year at bed bath and beyond.

Pajama - Pajamas are always an easy gift. Buy a nice set and it's such an easy gift that one is sure to like.

Cocktail Set- For the dad who likes mix drinks & hosting. An easy gift that he can use when he has a gathering or feels like kicking back.  It also comes already packaged, so it's a super easy item to gif.t

Socks - I feel like you can't go wrong with gifting socks. For some reason, men like useful gifts.

Cologne- My dad loves Bleu De Chanel and  Dior Sauvage.

Pair of Sneakers- Ecco sneakers are really comfortable and are great for everyday wear. Get him out of his white old dad sneakers and into these!

Fire Stick- This is genuis! I have a regular fire stick but this one comes with Alexa. Such a great gift for any TV lover.

Puffer Jacket- Puffer jackets are huge right now. Get him out of his bulky jacket and into something cooler. This jacket has great reviews online.

Keihls Skin care set- For the guy who needs to step up his skin care game! This nicely packaged gift is an easy thing to get them started into self care.

Shaving set - A deluxe shaving kit for Dad! A must have for every man. If you want to start him off with the week's worth option, this is the one.

Hope you guys like my recommendations! I have gifted my dad cologne, pajamas, slippers & socks over the years. My dad is pretty easy to shop and I hope I helped simply it for most of you! Hope you enjoy the first of many gift guides to come.

                                                               Happy holidays!

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