Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Office Desk Essentials

Hey everyone,
I got my first office job this year (yay) but it's been such a different kind of adjustment for me. There are some things I realized I always need to have with me when I'm at work.

  1. The first one - tea bags & keurig cups. I keep these in my desk at all times. I'm usually running late and don't always have time to make coffee or tea before work. Pro tip: leave a travel mug at your desk so you can always wash it out & re-use it.
  2. Hand Sanitizer - I eat a lot at my desk so to avoid getting up every minute, I have have these.
  3. Mints - If you know me you know I love garlic & onions lol - I always keep mints hand.
  4. Post its & journal - for work notes or personal notes. I jot down my thoughts through the day.
  5. Fan - Ever since I bought a fan I've been cold, but It gets humid once it gets warmer. I actually found mine at the dollar store but you can buy them on amazon for about 12 dollars.
  6. Snacks on snacks on snacks - I try and pack heathy ones like granola bars or fruit. Granola bars are great because you can leave a pack at your desk for the week.
  7. Chapstick- I feel like the air in the office can be so dry? I keep one at my desk for whenever I need it.
  8. Water bottle - this one should go without saying! Try and drink as much water as I can daily.
  9. Hair ties & clips - Something I'm always loosing and always need. I try to keep a couple at the desk.
  10. Tissues! Again, I feel like dry air always makes me sneeze. Also in case you ever spill anything (I know I do).
  11. Sanitizing wipes - Seems to me that someone is always sick in the office. To keep your space clean, I recommend picking some up.
  12. Lotion - You never know when you will need it. 
Interesting enough, you can find a lot of these items at the dollar store. I love going to dollar tree for napkins, hand sanitizer, mints, hair ties, etc.  I also choose to sometimes buy them in bulk on Amazon.

Hope this helps! What is your #1 essential you leave at the desk?


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