Wednesday, June 12, 2019

4 Comfy Travel Shoes

Before I took my Europe trip, I knew that I needed comfortable shoes to take with me! I've always been about comfort and style but I wanted to pack light (at least try to!)

I narrowed it down to a couple pairs of shoes and they were amazing!

1. WHITE SNEAKER - Gucci convertible sneakers - So I bought these right before my trip and it was my first time wearing them which I was kind of nervous about. The only thing that took a minute to loosen up was the tongue of the shoe. It was kind of stiff in the beginning but it got more comfortable with time! I would give them a 4/5 for comfort! They are comfortable but not out of this world comfy, if that makes sense. I have common project sneakers that are a little comfier due to the fact that they have a thicker sole. All in all, I recommend a white gym shoe for travel in general! 
price of  Gucci is 730 and the price of the common projects is 465. White sneakers will always go with everything!

2. ESPADRILLE -  I think espadrilles are such a great slip on option because they don't have a sneaker look to them. They can look more dressed up and can go well with dresses and more feminine outfits. I got the Sam Edelman Krissy ones which I loved and were good for doing things like going through TSA and little day trips but they were not THAT comfortable for a 10 mile day. I would recommend wearing little peds so the woven part doesn't rub on your skin but other than that part, it was comfy! These are priced at 79.99!

3. SLIP ON SNEAKER -  So I've never really been a slip on sneaker person because I personally feel like they always fit a little weird. I found these at DSW and I originally went for the 9 but then I realized they had a bit of room so I sized down to a 8.5 and they were perfect! They have memory foam and were super comfortable to walk around Rome in all day. Some days I did 10-15 miles walking and they felt amazing! These are just under 50 and are so worth it.

4. PLATFORM SANDAL -  I also bought these before actually testing them out and wearing them. They were crazy comfy! I was scared the back strap would rub the back of my heel but nope they were amazing. I totally recommend these sandals and I think they were only 27.99!

What is the one shoe you always take when you travel?

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