Sunday, February 23, 2020

Dupes vs Designer

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I know it's been a minute since I wrote a post. It's that weird time period where not everyone is clothes shopping or shopping at all. One thing I always have my eye out for is a designer dupe. What a designer dupe is to me is an item that takes inspiration from designers, and is not a direct copy. It will not have the same logo or claim to be the real thing. There is a very fine line between a dupe and a copy. All the items I will be sharing are dupes!

With that being sad, it is no secret I love designer. I also love saving money where I can! Not everything is worth the designer splurge. I'll be sharing items I have that are dupes & the real thing below.

Dupe or Designer & Why? 


Clear tote bag

I own the dupe! I would not pay $200 for plastic but I do love the look. I like this as a beach bag in the summer or just as a statement to my outfit. I also use the pouch it comes with year round!

Black Satchel Bag 

I own the Prada Saffiano Cuir Tote for the reason that this bag will last me years and yearsss. I have purchased the style on the right about 3-4 times, and I have had to replace the bag. I have decided to invest in a style I love and a style that I know will be a classic. The price point is a lot, but for something you love it's worth the splurge.

 Large Envelope Bag

If I did not find this bag at Nordstrom Rack for $700 I probably would not own it. I am a deal hunter, and I  love finding bags for under retail. Yes, $700 is a lot but it is way under what I would ever buy it for! There are a lot of dupes to this style, I linked a similar one from forever 21. Aldo also has a really nice one!

Red Fanny Pack

So the fanny pack is something that is trendy to me. Yes, it came back in style, but will it stay? For that reason, I will not invest in the designer one. I also do not wear color as much as I'd like too, so I could not invest in a red bag.

Quilted Nude Bag

This Chanel bag's retail price is mind boggling. I love Chanel bags but it is not in my budget to put this money down right now! I love the dupe a lot actually. I also get a lot of compliments every time I sport it! For $30, it fills my need and want for the Chanel boy bag.

Quilted Backpack 

I've been seeing the backpack trend everywhere and I think it's here to stay! Although it's here to stay, I can't justify myself buying the Chanel lol. I got this dupe on amazon and the quality is insane. It has such similar details even down to the mixed media chain.



I got the Valentinos for a steal and honestly they are worth every penny. If I would recommend a designer heel purchase to anyone, it would be these. They are comfortable and they look amazing!! Can be worn casually or dressed up. My feet do not ache after wearing them like they do with my other heels. There are also a lot of good dupes, like these from asos and the & dsw pair. Some of my friends have the DSW pair and they love them. 

I love the Gucci sneakers! They are so effortless and cool. However, I don't think that everyone needs to go out & spend upwards of $600 on sneakers. If you wear sneakers a lot, they can be worth the investment but if not, then I would just get a dupe! Amazon has these Gucci inspired ones, and I find that Steve madden does a lot of Gucci inspired sneakers too. I can attest that the Gucci ones are really comfortable! 

I have wanted the Chanel ones for so long, and I might pull the trigger soon! The reason I have not invested in these is because they are not a piece that fits my lifestyle exactly. Yes, I could wear in everyday life, but I can't really wear to church/work - thus I don't know if it's worth the splurge. I have the Sam Edelman pair and it truly is the look for less!

This is the only pair I am sharing that is not something I own. I really do like the look, but it is just not something I have picked up. I would definitely go for the dupe unless you know you are in love with the designer pair and ready to spend the money on it.

Black Mules 

I think this is the only designer item where I prefer the dupe. Even if I was able to buy the Gucci, I would not want it. The vamp is too high on the foot for my taste. I really do like the target ones! I've tried a lot of black mules and the target ones are always my favorite.

Blue Heels

I always wanted Manolo Blahnik's in blue after being a huge sex and the city fan for so long. I came across these gems at Nordstrom Rack and I scored them for under $300. It was such a lucky find! I'm not one too wear much color, but I really love these blue heels! However, the dupe is SO good. It looks super similar and Badgley Mischka heels are really good quality.

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Some pictures of me wearing the items are below!

Thanks for taking the time to check out this post! Hope you found a designer item you love or a dupe you love even better! What was your favorite item?


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