Tuesday, February 16, 2021

What Coffee Machine is right for you?


We have 3 coffee machines in my home, I know kinda of crazy lol. We love coffee around here and ever since quarantine we got two new machines. Here is what I like about each of them.

Ninja Coffee Bar 

This is a very versatile machine and great for a family. You can make single servings which is nice as well. It also has a built in frother on the side that froths coffee really well. It does have options for over ice, but I would definitely brew it and let it sit a bit before you add ice. It does come out hot even with the over ice setting.

It's very easy to clean & use! Overall this is a family favorite. We use it everyday. If you're looking for a good coffee machine with a frother & that makes single servings/rich brews/over ice then this is for you.

Price: On sale right now for $139 at best buy. You can also find it at Target ($159).

Nespresso Verturo

The one thing I will say about the Ninja machine that I don't love is sometimes coffee can taste acidic to me. That's why I love the Nespresso, because the coffee is very consistent! It always tastes good & always taste the same. I love love love it! What I love about the nespresso verturo is that you can make coffee, iced coffee & espresso. All the pods are different and can make different things! So depending on what you buy you can make ice coffee or espresso drinks like lattes. I love this feature! 

I personally use the Nespresso everyday. My favorite pods are odacio, melozio, ice leggero (for ice drinks),  & bianco leggero for lattes.  The combinations are endless & it's a really good machine. It's very easy to use.

The frother that comes in the bundle is also really good, what I love about it is that you can froth drinks hot or iced. I did a whole video on IGTV here if you want to check it out. The frother is already $100, so it's a good idea to get the bundle if you are going to want it. 

The one thing to note is that the capsules average out to about a $1.00. So if you are someone who spends $5 on a coffee, this machine will save you. But if you're used to buying a coffee bag that's $10, it's definitely going to be more expensive for you. 

Overall, this is my favorite machine right now.

Price: $179, bundle $230

Breville - The Barista Express Espresso Machine 

So if you know me & my sister Jeanette, we love our lattes. We love to go visit new coffee shops & try new places. My sister Jeanette recently invested in an espresso machine. It is definitely a learning curve but very worth the money. You can grind & brew fresh shots of espresso that just taste so delicious! You obviously need an espresso bean for this machine. The notes we noticed we like the most are caramel & nutty notes. We try different beans through bottomless. You can sign up & get your second bag free with my code. 

This machine is not cheap, it's around $700 so you definitely have to invest. You can make lattes, americanos & straight espresso shots.  It's an investment, made well & with last a long time. 

Price: $700

So...what's the right machine for you? It totally depends how you like your coffee! If you like just regular coffee, the ninja works great. If you want the ability to make lattes & coffee, I recommend the nespresso verturo. If you are just a latte kind of person, the breville is the way to go.

I hope this post was helpful from one coffee lover to another, please let me know if you have any questions!

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