Tuesday, April 27, 2021

My favorite bras & shape wear


This post is long over due! I feel like as woman, a good bra is so important. It takes forever to find the perfect fit. It literally took me years to figure out my size and the best type of bra. In this post I will outline that for you!

My favorite bra is the aeire real sunnie wireless push up bra . There are many reasons I love this bra, let me highlight them for you.  It has 360 degree stretch, super soft, stretchy, and no underwire. It also provides support without an uncomfortable wire. This bra is so comfortable that I literally forget I'm wearing it. I have never had a bra be that good! I love that it's push up as well.  Price is $49 and it comes in many neutral shades.

I also like the aeire real sunnie wireless lightly lined bra.  It doesn't give you the lifting affect of a push up bra, but it's still really great for everyday!

For my strapless bra choice, it is hands down the red carpet convertible classic bra. It has three hook closure, and let me tell you this is sturdy! I never have to yank this up to adjust it. It also has a grip on the inside so that it doesn't slip. It is a really high quality bra and I threw out all my other strapless bras once I found this one. 

For dresses that are a little more revealing or backless, I like these silicone covers. They are reusable as long as you store them correctly. It doesn't provide support but it will cover so you don't have a nip-slip. I wore those with the dress I wore on my birthday.

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Now on to shape wear!

My by far most worn pair are the Spanx high power shorts.  They go up to right under your bra and sometimes I put my bra over them so they stay in place. They do have a grip, sometimes the grip rolls down and needs adjusting. That's something I can live with because I really like the way these fit. They smooth me out and complement my shape. I believe I am a medium in these.

I am wearing them here! I love to wear them with body con dresses. I am also wearing the strapless bra here as well!

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I also really like the Shapermint brand, I wear these Empetua shaper shorts in a size m/l. I am wearing the shaper mint here! Really breathable and not too much compression.

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                 outfit linked here

If you are not looking for shape wear but want something to wear under dresses, I love these jockey skimmies cooling shaper shorts. They are great for when you wear aline dresses and you want to make sure nothing shows if you bend over or move quickly. They have no compression! Just something to wear under. 

I hope this post was helpful! Shapewear is something that helps me feel more confident in body con dresses.

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