Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Milan Laser First Impressions


As most of you girls know, I started getting laser hair removal done at Milan Laser! There are many reasons I went with Milan Laser. 

In the past, I have gotten laser done on my upper lip & chin. The hair never completely went away. Sure it grows back really thin and less noticeable, but I still have been going in for treatments.  I knew I wanted more permanent results and I began to search for my options. I found out that Milan Laser uses the Candela GentleMax Pro. This machine is FDA-cleared. 

Another interesting thing I learned while researching laser hair removal is different states require different levels of education to perform the treatments. In Illinois, only nurse practitioners are allowed to do laser, since this is a medical grade procedure. So, if you are getting treated in Illinois by someone who isn’t at least an NP, the laser may not be medical-grade. 

One of my favorite things about Milan is the unlimited package they offer! Essentially, you pay a fixed price for your laser package. They will treat you until you are hair free, you do not have to keep buying packages. Because of my past experience with laser hair removal, this is definitely the most affordable option for me. And I never have to spend money on wax or shaving tools again. 

Now... onto your questions about the treatment!

  • Have you gotten the Brazilian?

Yes, I am getting treatments on my Brazilian. So far I have had three treatments and I am amazed at the results already!

  • What was the pain level like?

The pain level was 7/10 for me. I would probably take Advil the next time before I go. It is not unbearable but it's kind of like a rubber band snapping on you. The laser does have a built in cooling mist, which makes it more comfortable. 

  • How much is an Unlimited Package?

The Unlimited Package price depends on what area(s) you are getting treated. However, they make it easy for you to get pricing that’s specific to what you want to have treated—just visit their website and request a custom quote with the body area(s) you’re interested in having treated. But I would also 100% recommend going in for a free consultation. They walk you through the whole process and can break down pricing for you and your individual hair removal needs.

You can call to set up a free consultation with Milan to find out if laser hair removal is right for you. If you decide that you are ready to live the laser lifestyle, you can even get 60% or your purchase with my discount code: DANIELLE60 (discount can be applied at ANY Milan Laser location on all purchases except a Full Body Package).

What other questions do you have about laser hair removal? Please drop them below!

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