Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Father's Day Gift Ideas!

Hey everyone!
This was actually the first year I was prepared for my father's day gift (surprising!) I got my Dad's gift ahead of time, and it helped me out so much! To anyone who is struggling on what to get your father, I put together a little board of ideas down below!

Father's Day Gift Ideas!

I'm not going to go into product detail on any of these things, because I think any product within these categories will do!
1. Shaving Kit- What guy doesn't need this? Such a nice set, this one I found online is like 30 dollars. It is a super easy gift, and will be appreciated and used for sure.
2. Money Clip - For the man that carries cash everywhere he goes! This one is about 70 dollars right now.
3. Card Holder- For the guy who carries cards more than cash! This one is by Shinola so it's a super nice leather (They are stationed in Detroit, MI. to implement jobs).
4. Raybans- This gift is SO easy. This is actually what I got my Dad (I'm spilling the beans because he definitely won't read this post haha). I got my Dad the black/black, I think they' are sleek and will suit him well.
5. Cologne - I linked my Dad's favorite, which is Bleu De Chanel. Down below I will link some other good ones! Every guy is different of course, so this is just what I prefer.
6. Watch - A watch is such a nice gift for Dad. It's something that he can use everyday, and he will always remember you when he wears it. Shinola can be a bit pricey, but there are other affordable brands to look into. I have linked multiple other options down below. If you have any watch questions, leave a comment and I can help you out.
7. Tie - Ok, cmon, this is like the easiest thing to get your Dad when you do not know what to get, (at least for me it is). If you have no clue what to get, this is always a safe gift.
8. Coffee Card-  If at the end of this you still do not know what to get for your dad, I would do a coffee card and cute little mug! I am sure that the gift will be put to use and who doesn't love coffee?

I hope this gives anyone who is struggling some inspiration! I added more products within the gadget down below so you can get some new ideas. Guys can be so hard to shop for at times. My best advice is keep it simple, get him something that is his style that he will benefit from.