Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Create The Perfect Outfit With 3 Easy Steps

Hey loves!

When I am running late or struggling with what to wear, I have a few classic outfits that I always tend to lean towards. There are some categories I will list with standard pieces that make the look possible.

1. A Basic White Top 
The first standard is a white tee or blouse. The reasoning for white is to freshen the look, and give it some life. My favorite brand for a crisp more professional white shirt would be Lush. For just a t-shirt I love the ones I own by Sun and Shadow, B.P, or Old Navy.

2. Third Piece or Layering Piece
The second piece you need is a layer. Depending on the day, that piece can either be a denim jacket, leather jacket, sleeveless trench coat, or an open cardigan. I personally love sleeveless trenches for summer and denim jackets.

3. Go Black 
The last piece is something black. My reasoning for black is because you never have to worry if the color of your jeans is going to match the look you are creating.  Sometimes with light wash and dark wash jeans, it doesn't always go with your layering piece. If you are not a jeans kind of gal, a black dress works perfect or a  fitted black skirt. They go with anything and black makes it safe to mix and match.

                                                 How To Personalize The Look 
For accessories and shoes, I think that's where you can customize the look! I think any type of booties, sandals or wedges could go with any of these looks. I also think you can dress the look up or down with layering necklaces or fun earrings. The point of this post was to show that it is super easy to create a lot of different looks with really simple pieces. A white tee, a jacket, and dark denim can go a long way.

Shoe Ideas:

Everyday Jewelry Pieces: 

easy summer outfit


night out


easy outfit

                                                                     HOW I WEAR IT:

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post! Some mid-week inspiration for all of us who sometimes stare at our closet and think we having nothing to wear! Mix and match some basics and you will be all set.  I will be posting another outfit post soon with more photos of my own! I am also working on some other ideas outside of fashion. I am open to suggestions so let me know what you would like to see!

Thanks for reading!

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