Sunday, July 23, 2017

Things To Do On Sunday For a Smooth, Stress-Free Week

Hi everyone!

Sunday is easily my favorite day  of the week. I love Sundays because I start my day with Church and  I end it with relaxation. Sunday is always my day to get prepared for the up and coming week, so that it can be as enjoyable and stress free as possible. This post will highlight my favorite things to do on a Sunday Night.

1. Clean my room - This one should be obvious, but it's not. My room usually stays clean through the week but once it hits the weekend,  it turns into a huge mess. Sunday is my organization day. I make sure I have cleaned, swept, put everything in the laundry and tidy my room so that I can find everything when I need it. Adding fresh flowers always gives it a nice, fresh feeling as well.

2. Change my pillow cases and my sheets- I recently started getting into the habit of doing this due to some acne issues. I told myself as long as I do it every Sunday, it will be easy to remember. There is so much bacteria that can live on your pillow cases, it's scary! This is just a small thing I do to hopefully avoid some blemishes.

3. Clean my makeup brushes -  I give my babies a bath every Sunday to prep them for the week. The best, and I mean absolute best way to clean my brushes is with a few key natural ingredients. I mix olive oil, facial cleanser, lavender, and a hint of tea tree in a bowl. I swirl my brushes in it and then run them under water. If there are still tough stains sticking, I will run my brush under water while rubbing it on a bar of soap. I clean my beauty blender before and after every use but I deep clean every Sunday!

4. Plan my meals - Planning my meals is a new one I have just added to my routine. The hardest thing about planning meals is that it takes time and groceries. I try to at least prepare 1-2 meals to keep in my fridge for Monday's and Tuesday's lunch for work. My reasoning for only two meals is the I have a huge family, and when they see food in the fridge they immediately eat it. I try to plan out what I will have for breakfast, and have a lunch ready to go. This step does not always happen, but when it does my week goes so smooth and my wallet stays happy. I recently bought a food journal from Micheals, and I'm going to use that in conjunction with My Fitness Pal App to help me track what I am putting into my body. My 21 Day Fix containers are still being utilized to meal prep every now and then until I do another challenge. Read the post here!

5. Check My Planner-  I try my best to lay out key events through the week so that by the time the week is here, I know what is happening. It helps to write things down so that they can stay in my memory! I usually always write when I work, and any extra plans or appointments I have going on that week.

6. Facial Time - I don't know why, but Sunday is usually the day I will do a face mask. You guys will soon learn that I'm obsessed with face masks ( I might do a huge facemark review post..comment down below if you would be interested  in that!) For my skin, it is best to do a face mask once a week. I just tried a charcoal exfoliating one from tree hut which I enjoyed. I wear makeup at least 6 out of the 7 days of the week, so I like to treat my skin to some relaxation when I can.

Check my facemask post here for my favorites!

7. Lastly, drink a cup of tea, light a candle, and relax - My favorite and final step on a Sunday is the feeling of accomplishment and being able to get into bed, watch Netflix and relax. This step really isn't a step, but it's part of what I do to enjoy my Sunday.

This was just some little tips and tricks that I do to make my week easier. Let me know if this helped you down below in the comment section!


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