Sunday, September 10, 2017

What's in my bag? My top 10!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you had a fabulous week. Today I wanted to talk to you all about what I always carry in my bag. I'm usually running late or in a  rush, so keeping these items in my bag is a life saver.

1. Wallet - I don't know about you guys but I change my purse often depending on my outfit. My tote bag is my main bag right now because it has a laptop case and it is so handy for school. There are days, believe me when I totally forget about my wallet. I try to always remember but that's the main thing I always carry no matter what.

2. Hair ties  -  This is a no brainer. I loose these things all the time. On top of that, sometimes you will be wearing a hair tie and it will snap (so annoying). I try to carry a hair tie in case of emergancy.

3. Bobby Pin -  Depending on how I style my hair, I will need 1-10 of these. Sometimes they fall out or I misplace them, so I always keep a couple in my bag.

4. Nude lipstick - I only pictured one nude lip, but I usually have about 4-5 in my bag. If you know me I basically only wear nude lipstick (some pinks and reds on occasion), so it is a staple piece for me. If I don't have lipstick on, I feel weird all day. I would say everyone should keep a nude lippie or tinted gloss in their purse.

5. Pressed Powder/ Blotting Sheets - I get very oily through out the day. I usually have to blot or use a translucent powder within 3-4 hours of wearing my makeup. This helps me so much because it allows my makeup to last through the day without having to reapply.

6. Hand Lotion - I can't even tell you the number of times I forget to lotion my legs before I wear a skirt. Not to mention the number of times my hands get so dry during the winter. Keeping lotion in my bag is essential. I also keep one in my car. I love the Bath and Body Works travel size lotions because they fit right in my makeup bag.

7. Hand Sanitizer- This one is another no brainer. Things happen and sometimes you can't get to a bathroom to wash your hands or you drop food in the car. I always have one on me and it comes in handy. I usually buy a bunch and just keep one in each of my purses.

8. Eye Drops - I wear contacts so my eyes can get really irritated or dry fast. These save my life when I have long shifts at work and my eyes start to become a bother.  The best brand I have found is opts-free. Super soothing!

9. Mascara-  When I am running late, mascara is the last thing I will do. I usually keep a mascara in my bag for this purpose. Once I get to my destination, I park my car and put a coat or two on. Mascara is something I will wear everyday and will not leave without!

10. Body Mist-  I know I am not the only person who forgets to spray perfume sometimes (oops). I have liked this simple scent from Victoria's Secret Pink forever! It is just so light and easy and I know I would want to wear it everyday. I keep this in my bag always.

Hope this helps anyone who doesn't know what they need (or might need) in their bag. Thanks for reading! If you guys have any comments or suggestions for my next post, let me know down below. Have a great week everyone!


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