Saturday, December 30, 2017

8 Goals for the New Year

Hi Everyone!
This post is going to be pretty self explanatory...things I want to get done in 2018! I am much better at getting things done if I write them and down and set it in stone. With that said, this is what I hope to accomplish this New Year.

1. Read more books- Knowledge is power. There is so much to learn and discover and so many ways to broaden your horizon on other topics. I hope to read at least one book a month in my free time. I'm going to try to replace my nightly netflix for some reading instead!

2. Commit myself to the gym- I have not been to the gym since before Thanksgiving (send help please). I want to be able to add the gym to my daily schedule, just as I would school or work. I want to be able to make time at least two to three days a week for it.

3. Become dairy free- This year has been a rollercoaster of me going without dairy and then reaching for a slice of pizza. For acne reasons, I want to become dairy free. Cheese is basically my favorite food ever, but I'm going to try and find a good substitute.

4. More 'Me' time - I feel like your twenties are when you should be selfish with your time and give yourself as much time and attention as you need. Whether it be a pedicure, a face mask, or just alone time for yourself and your thoughts, it's healthy and much needed.

5. Shop Smarter - Each year after the holidays I always look at my bank statement and think-- OMG what have I done? I always spend a ton of money somehow, and I don't know where it all goes (clothes and makeup obviously). But I'm sure you guys get my point. I'm going to try and create a want and wishlist and only buy things on my list. I get so easily tempted and buy random things on sale I think I will use or wear and they just sit in my closet. It's going to be my goal to shop smart and for what I really want!

6. Drink more water- This one may seem small, but I need to get into the habit of it. I'm usually dehydrated by 12pm from the amount of coffee I consume and lack of water. First thing I need to do is a buy a cute water bottle for motivation (it's only right!).

7. Use a planner/ be more organized- I recently purchased a planner and have slowly gotten into the habit of writing my week down on Sunday nights and organizing my time accordingly. It has helped me realize what is coming up and what things need to get done. It has definitely helped me with organization and I find that by writing it down, it somehow helps me remember better. I plan to use it on a daily basis for the coming year.

8. More time for my blog - I started my blog this summer as a hobby but now it has turned into something much more! I genuinely want to put more time and effort into it and producing more content for you guys to read. If you guys have any ideas for content or what you would like to see on the blog, please leave a comment below.

I'm hoping that by next year, I can reflect back on this list and see all that I have improved on. I hope you all have a healthy and happy new year, and that 2018 is the best yet.


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