Sunday, January 7, 2018

Jord Watch + GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone! This has been a post I've been so excited to do. I have been looking for a special gift for my brother David. He recently turned 15, and I feel like he is at the age where he can start to appreciate special items that he can keep for a long time. 

When Jord asked me to collaborate, I checked out their watches and fell in love with this men’s style. I loved how sleek it was that it would be a piece my brother at the age of fifteen, could wear often. The face is clean; it has the date and the logo only which I love. I also adore the ebony wood color against the sapphire crystal glass face. 

The watch also comes in two other color options. There is a lighter wood called kosso and gray and a medium tone called walnut and black. I preferred ebony because I love the look of dark espresso colored wood. I could not believe the watch was made from real authentic wood. 

When I got it in the mail, it literally smelled like pine trees (which is a scent I love). It comes in a beautiful wooden box and some polishing oil as well. The presentation was really cool and unique.  I was able to size it perfectly to fit my brother. Jord also send the extra links as well, if need be (or for when David grows!) I think this watch is a beautiful time piece that he will be able to cherish and wear for a long time. 

One thing I forgot to mention that I really love about Jord is that the watches can be engraved. It gives the watch such a sentimental personal touch. When his came in the mail, I started to think how I wish I ordered one for myself too! If you are in the market for a new watch, I would definitely check out their options. Click here to check out their  Men's Shop and here for Women's Shop.

I am doing a giveaway with Jord as well. Click here to enter! Winner will receive an 100 dollar e-gift card. The contest ends on January 14th!

Best of luck!


Wooden Wrist Watch

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