Saturday, March 17, 2018

Spring Cleaning Tips + Tricks -(Clothes & Makeup) How to know when it's time to throw it away

Hi everyone,
This blog post has been delayed this week since it has been my spring break and I have been super busy being productive doing exactly what this blog post is about! I spent this week working on new content for my blog and purging my closet and makeup collection. Here are my tips for purging your wardrobe.

How to purge your clothes, shoes, and accessories:

 I start by going through my clothes, starting with my DRESSES. For my formal dresses, I only wear them about 1-3 times before I am over them. I pull out any dresses that I have worn a lot or that are super old. I removed about 5 from my closet. Two of them I wore for Easter in 2014-- super old!

  • I then move on to TOPS. For tops, if I have not worn it in the last year, I get rid of it! If I can't get myself to completely get rid of it, I try to make an outfit with it and put it in the front of my closet. This way, I now have a way to wear it. If I don't wear it in the next 3 months, I donate it. 

  • Another tip is to flip the hanger on things you are on the fence about. This way, you can keep track of the things you are not wearing and see if you will wear them! If you haven't unflipped that hanger in 3 months, again, time to donate it!
  • I go through my DENIM. If I haven't grabbed for that pair in the last 6 months, it's either because it doesn't fit or I don't like the fit anymore. I got rid of a ripped pair I never wear. The great thing about purging your closet is that you get rid of the things that don't work and can now replenish with new things that do!
  • As far as SHOES, I have a hard time parting with some! But again, if I have not worn it in the last year, or do not plan too, I get rid of them. I got rid of these black wedge booties that are sooo comfortable but I never wear because I don't care for them. Sometimes I find myself holding on to uncomfortable shoes because they are so cute but I usually make a logical decision and try to sell/donate if they don't work for me. That way, I can add something to my wardrobe that does. 

That's usually how I do it! I do the same for jewelry and purses, but I don't buy those in bulk so usually it's not hard for me to clean those out. One major tip I have is to get rid of trends that you are done with. For example, I am personally over the lace up top trend. I got rid of two tops like that from this Spring cleaning. 


Did you know that there is a shelf-life to open makeup products? There are a lot of things we probably keep and still use that we shouldn't! Here is the breakdown of what you should use and should not use after a certain period of time.

Foundation: You should only keep this 6 months- 1 year. Any longer is no good! Throw away.

Lip products: These are good for a year, as long as texture of the product is still good. Anything you keep longer, use your best judgement. I hoard lipstick and I had to throw away a bunch!

Eyeliner: This is about a year as well. Most of us go through these pretty quickly! I had to throw away some colored eyeliners I never use. 

Mascara: This one is only three months! I use so many that sometimes I forget which ones I have. Throw them away once they hit the three month mark, it can irritate your eyes!

Blush: If it's a powder, two years

Eyeshadow: This one is tricky, they last about two years like a blush powder but they should be replaced about every 6 months because they are used around your eyes. 

With all that said, I threw away a lot! I got these statistics here if you are interested in reading more! 

Another random thing I do when I spring clean is throw out any sample/mini size items that I did not really use! It just adds up as clutter, so might as well get rid of the sample after you are done trying the product. 

Hope these tips helped you guys out and inspired you to clean! You will feel so much better about the stuff you do have and be more mindful of how long to keep things for. And it always gives me an excuse to buy new things. Do you have any Spring Cleaning tips? Leave them below! 


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