Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Designer or Dupe? What's worth the money?

Ok guys..I have been meaning to do a post like this for some time! As a fashion blogger, I am always looking for good deals and stylish pieces. A lot of times, things can be super trendy and I don't like to spend a lot of money on them. Other times when debating buying an expensive item, it's a great idea to buy a dupe (an inexpensive version), and test it out to see if you would like it in the long run to invest in it.

With that said, I have purchased some 'dupe' items that I am completely obsessed with. 

1. Valentino Studded Wedge vs Marc Fisher Wedge - Ok so...these valentino studs are so gorgeous. I have definitely always loved a classic espadrille wedge. I spotted these Marc Fisher ones at DSW, and they have been on my wishlist ever since. They are under 70 which is great. I opted for the flat version (in next post), since I already have a lot of black wedges. If you are a fan of valentino and studs, I would try this dupe!
2. Valentino Studded Sandals vs Marc Fisher -- Ok seriously guys this is my favorite purchase as of late! Each time I wear these, I get asked if they are Valentino. They look so good on and are so comfortable! I would grab these now before they sell out! They are that good. 

wearing the shoes here! too cute 

3. Lana layered necklace vs Bauble Bar - I am such a lana jewelry fan. At this point in my life, can't afford it tho (I wish!). Bauble bar provides a great dupe, and so does forever 21. I wear pieces like this only with certain outfits. I love that I was able to find an affordable version that works just as well for me. One day I am going to save up and buy the Lana, because I do think it's worth it and will last forever. 
4. Celine Sunglasses vs Amazon one-  I don't know about you guys, but I break my sunglasses often. I am very careless with them, even when I try not to be! When I saw this dupe on amazon, I thought 11 dollars...ok why not try it. I wear these ALL the time now. I prefer them over my ray bans and quay sunglasses. Totally worth it for me! 
wearing the sunnies here!

Check out everything here:

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Do you like to buy the real deal all the time or do you look for dupes too?

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