Thursday, August 2, 2018

Amazon Buys under $20

Hi everyone! It was a close call between July Favorites & recent Amazon buys...but I am excited that you all wanted to see something new.  Since Prime day, I have been checking out amazon more and found some really great purchases. Check them out here!


1. Button Up Thermal -  So lately I feel like amazon has been coming out with a lot of clothing. I saw this button up, the price was under $20 with free returns. So I was like...worth a shot. There is a similar one at Nordstrom that sold out that I was interested in, so  I just took the plunge & ordered this. I seriously love it! I wore it the first day it came in the mail. Really comfy material and such a unique color. 

2.  Nude Crossbody - I'm always looking for a good nude bag. I feel like that's the story of my life. This one looks super cute & under 20 -- can't wait to get it!


3. Pop Socket Mount -  SO useful for anyone who has a pop-socket on their phone. I have this mounted in my car and I just pop my phone in every time. 
4. Rose Gold Top Hangers -  I own these and love how they look. So chic & worth it!
5. Rose Gold Bottom Hangers Just placed an order for these to complete my wardrobe.


6. Acai Powder-  I love making acai bowls at home. I mix this with some frozen fruit and almond milk & top with granola. Super yummy!


7. Micellar Water -  This is the best micellar water I've tired. It feels super clean, doesn't have a weird smell & it's not greasy. Removes makeup well and doesn't leave residue! 
8. Aztec Clay Mask -  This face mask pulls everything out of your face, it's crazy. I wrote a lot about it in this blog post. I've repurchased this like 3x. 
9. Batiste Dry Shampoo - Raise you're hand if you're a dry shampoo addict! Lol... I live off this stuff. I always buy in bulk on amazon to save some money. My favorite scent is the clean one. 


What do you buy off Amazon? Share down below!


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