Tuesday, October 30, 2018

10 Sweaters you NEED for Fall

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Anything with a * is a sweater I own already that I love. I want to share products I truly stand behind!

There is just something about a classic chunky turtleneck that screams fall. They also just look super chic and expensive. I love a good neutral turtleneck, you can pair it back to almost anything. You have the option to add a printed bootie or a fun clutch and really make the outfit pop.

I actually have something similar to this that I use a lot more than I thought I would. I think that when you get something trendy in a classic color, there can be so many ways to style it. For example, I pair my black bell sleeve sweater with skirts, denim, jackets, vests, captain hats, etc. The price point is great on this one too!

I was in the market for a nice sweater that you could wear with skirts that was not bulky. I bought the hot pink, which is totally unlike me! There is just something about the hot pink that's different. I think it's because I have so many neutral sweaters, I just wanted a pop of color in my wardrobe. 

This is something I recently picked up this fall. Pearls were trending last fall and they are here to stay. Pearls are something that is very feminine to me, and I love girly things. I got my pearl sweater from Zara, but Amazon and Shein have amazing options as well. 

Who doesn't love an oversized sweater? Perfect with ripped jeans or leggings. This is actually the same style as my star one, but just in a solid color. I love the jewel tones for fall.

Ok there is something about this brand that is just unreal. Their sweaters are so soft, like wearing a blanket. The quality is really good too! I have about four or five sweaters from them and I just can't stop. This brand always goes out of stock quickly, so if you see something you like, grab it. This is the exact one I own that keeps going in and out of stock.

Balloon sleeves are a statement on their own. They add dimension to your look and just give something out of the ordinary to a simple sweater. I love the color on this for Fall, it's just the perfect burnt orange shade. 

If you want a cozy off the shoulder sweater, this is the one. It looks good with bralettes, like the popular free people one. When I'm going for a more dressed up look, I just wear a strapless bra. I have styled this so many ways! I have belted it with this, worn it with a barrette like this, or worn it with a chunky scarf and leggings. This is totally worth the price tag because of how versatile it is.  

I wear the heck out of this sweater. I want it in every color but just can't justify it. It's perfect length for leggings and looks good with over the knee boots or booties.

This sweater is sooo soft. Like unbelievably soft. I had it since last year and I like the size of it. It still fits under my moto jackets which I appreciate. Stripes are always cute and for 19.99 such a must

Thanks for reading! I wanted to share sweaters I personally love and own. Hope you find something you love and thanks for stopping by. 

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