Wednesday, November 7, 2018

October Favorites - Beauty, Fashion, Skin care

Hey loves! It's crazy to me that we are in November. Where did October go? This year flew by. Each month I break down my favorite products for you all so you can see what's worth buying! Let's get right into it.

  1. Topshop Moto Jacket -  This is the jacket I probably grab the most. A. It's surprisingly warm. B. It adds the perfect edgy touch to anything. Looks cute with dresses, turtlenecks, sweaters, t-shirt & jeans, you name it! It's being price matched for only 52.80! I would grab it ASAP! I got a size us 8.
  2. H&M Scarf - I wear the thing also ALL the time. I love the length, the ends, and the weight of it. It keeps me warm without being too much. It's just very chic. I have the neutral and gray and I'm totally eyeing the pink! If you need a good scarf to go with everything, grab this. 
  3. Stuart Weitzman Midland Boot -  If you caught my fall wish lit post, these boots were on it! I actually ended up finding them on super sale at saks off fifth and I couldn't pass them up. I have bought so many (for lack of better word, cheap) boots. They just don't stay up and it's not worth it. I bought so many bad ones that I finally caved and put my money towards a good pair. Let me tell you, they are soo ah-mazing. The tie in the back is so cute. They do slouch a TINY bit through the day, but nothing that I can't manage. Totally totally recommend them! 
  4. Maelle Restorative Facial Oil - I've tried a lot of oils and serums for my face and some of them I'm just like wtf? Does this even work? But this Maelle's perfect. First of all, it smells like heaven. The second is that I wake up every morning with my skin feeling plump. I add one to two drops to my face and roll it in with my jade roller. Don't forget to use my code Danielleh10 for 10$ off your purchase!
  5. Jade Roller - I feel like this is perfect in the morning to take away puffiness. It just depuffs my skin and helps my face soak in the oils I apply in the morning. It's just a very calming step to add to your skincare routine that is very beneficial for your skin in the long run. The results can include reducing fine lines! Yes to that. 
  6. Maelle Sunkissed Bronzer- Ok I'm one of those people who once they find a product that works, I just re-buy it a million times. I always bought bronze goddess by Estee Lauder, but once I tried this Maelle beauty bronzer I just can't put it down! It gives the perfect bronze-y glow. It has some shimmer and pink shades so I feel like it's a bronzer/blush/highlighter all in one. Don't forget to use my code Danielleh10 for 10$ off your purchase!
  7. Lulu Lemon Allign leggings - I don't think I've ever talked about these, but holy crap, they are so worth it! I always always grab this pair for my days off or even when I'm wearing a chunky sweater and over the knee boots. The quality is amazing and you seriously feel like you're naked, not wearing anything. LOL...a little TMI but the comfiest leggings! I have black and olive. Thank me later. 
Hope you find something you love! What's a product you used all month long?? Thanks for reading!


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