Thursday, April 16, 2020

AM & PM Skin Care Routine

Hi All! This post has been highly requested. I am sharing my everyday skincare routine, AM & PM. Please let me know if you have any questions. Everything is listed in the order I use it below. 

1. Cleanser - In the morning, I like to use a gentle cleanser. You don't need anything harsh in the morning to cleanse your skin. This one has a milky texture and is really good!
2. Vitamin C Toner - The morning is when I use vitamin c. I like to tone after cleansing just in case there is anything I missed.
3.  Eye Cream - This eye cream has a really cool applicator. This is a very very hydrating eye gel made with alkaline water. It feels so nourishing and hydrating under my eyes. 
4. Hydrating Serum - I love to use this serum because my skin soaks it up right away! It's a good way to plump/hydrate the skin before makeup.
5. Vitamin C Serum - I have used so many good ones! So many benefits to vitamin C but the main is defiantly the brightening and tightening of the skin. I have used so many that I love, two in particular are derma-e & Clinique
6. Moisturizer - I like to use a thick moisturizer if I am applying makeup, if not I'll use a thinner consistency one. It also just depends on how my skin is feeling that day (dry, oily, rough patches, etc).
7. Sunscreen - If your moisturizer/makeup does not have sunscreen, please add one into your routine. The sun's rays can penetrate your skin even on a cloudy day, and even if you just sit in front of a window. I always make sure to put this on if my foundation does not have it. The reason I love this one is because it absorbs into yours skin well and does not have an immense sunscreen smell. 

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  1. 1.  Micellar Water - The is my favorite brand. I like to use this first to remove some of the makeup before I go in and cleanse
  2. 2. Murad Cleanser - This cleanser is really good for removing makeup! If I'm wearing a lot of makeup, I will double cleanse.
  3. 3.  Toner - The toner depends on the day. I usually switch them every other day. The Pixi one is good for exfoliating so I like to use that 2-3 times a week. On the other days, I use the Ole Henrikson one to help with dark spots.
  4. 4. Eye Cream - I totally forgot to include this image but I love this one! It's a big thicker and love the way it feels. 
  5. 5. Too Faced Serum - This is great for hydration! Has coconut water and hylarounic acid. I always like to hydrate even though I have oily skin.
  6.  6. Pixi Glycolic Acid Serum - This is a product I have repurchased. It is a great natural exfoliant. I will use this a couple times of a week. You will feel a slight tingle. 
  7. 7. Murad Serum  - I have talked about this multiple times but this has done wonders for my skin! I used to have severe acne and this product really helps with clearing up acne scars and dark spots. I will always repurchase this!
  8. 8. Curology - This is a staple in my night time routine. I apply one pump every night to my skin. I make sure to wait till this is dry to put on my moisturizer.
  9. 9. Moisturizer - At night, I like to use a thicker moisturizer. This rose one is really good and nourishing. 
  10. 10. Lip Mask - This is optional but I love to use this at night! You will get that extra hydration your lips needs. 
  11. 11. Rose Spray - Again optional, but I love to top if off with a spritz or rose water. Rose water has many benefits to the skin. 

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