Sunday, February 10, 2019

Products that will SAVE you during the Winter!

Hi Ladies,

The winter months are so brutal in the midwest. I know some of you have better climates where you live (so jealous!), but none the less winter is hard on our bodies. Our hair becomes drier, our skin needs extra moisture, our lips get chapped. It's honestly the worst LOL. However, there are certain products that are game changers! They help so much to restore my skin, hair & lips.

1. Laniege lip mask - I've posted about this a couple times on instagram stories. This mask is $20 bucks and is an overnight sleeping mask. I keep it by my bedside and I put it on before I sleep. I wake up with plump and supple lips. It has been so cold that I literally have been using it as chapstick and taking it everwhere I go. I probably shouldn't but, oh well! It works so well. You know when your lips are so dry and you put chapstick and they burn? This product doesn't do that! It's simply soothing and a must have in my opinion.

2. Maelle Facial Oil - I never knew I needed a face oil until I tried this. This is the last step in my night time skin care routine. You wake up and your face feels SOOOO supple. A pro tip to using this is to also mix it with your moisturizer in the morning on days you are feeling super dry or that the weather is really cold. The oil will soak into your face and help protect your skin. You can get this for $10 off with my code: Danielleh10 at checkout.

3. Skin Sparkle Facial Polish - An exfoliator without beads that is AMAZING on sensitive skin. I never thought a product like this existed! It is an essential to me. I was never able to exfoliate before this, but now I can use this twice a week to take off dead and dry skin.

4. Kiehl's hand cream - It is super important to use a good hand cream in the winter! If you buy one with fragrance it will literally burn. This is a God send. It's thick but in a good way and your skin will soak it up!

5. Moroccan Oil - Hair oil is also so important in these cold temperatures. After I heat style, I always apply an oil to my ends. Again, helps protect them and keep them healthy! This is another great hair oil I have, less of a splurge and works just as well in my opinion! 

6. Lip Scrub - I have bought this lush lip scrub over like 10 times. When my lips get super dry, I use this to get the dead skin off. It also is edible so if it gets in your mouth it's fine and it tastes good
anyways 😋

Hope you take care of yourselves this winter ladies!


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