Saturday, February 2, 2019

January Favorites!

Hey loves!

January was such a LONG month. These winter days feel so long sometimes but Ground hog day passed and hopefully we will have an early spring! Yay. I'm going to share the products that I have loved most in January, hope you guys will find something you love.

Blue light blocking glasses - I recently got an office job so I'm staring at a computer screen way more than I was before. These glasses block blue lights from harming your eyes and are actually super cute! I get a lot of compliments on them and all my friends wanted a pair after seeing them on me. They're 16.99 and I definitely recommend them if you are on your phone/computer/tv a lot.

Sunglass Storage- If you're like me, you have a lot of fun summer shades. This is so helpful to me because now all my shades are in one place. 19.99 and you get two bins from Amazon!

Pull-on slacks - These slacks are so chic! I love the piping and that it has green in them. They will definitely mix it up at work and add something different than just a plain black pant. They are pull on, so no zip and no fuss. They are also super comfy! Price is amazing too (24.99). I got a size 10 in them.

Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Facial Cleanser- I really feel like natural products for my skin are the way to go. I am sensitive and acne prone and this cleanser is meant to treat just that. SO gentle and leaves my skin feeling SUPER clean. Love love love this stuff! I am quickly becoming obsessed with this brand.

Podcasts- Crime Junkie & How I built this 
Crime Junkie is great for people who love murder shows! I find these so interesting. I listen on my way to work or when I'm cleaning my room. How I built this is super inspiring -- it talks about how entrepreneurs got their business started and off the floor. Everyone was just somebody with a passion!  It was so cool to hear about some brands I love like Spanx & Warby parker started.

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Thanks for reading! Cheers to a new month!

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