Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Spring Trends Report 2019

Who is craving warmer weather? I'm just waiting to be able to wear all my skirts, dresses & neutrals! There are some adorable trends popping up that I wanna share with y'all. 

  • Slip on Espadrilles - I will start with espadrilles - these are in trend every season and it's kinda sorta my favorite type of shoe. I just think the woven bottom is so feminine and fresh. I featured two types for you all in this post. I posted a slip on, which looks EXACTLY like the Chanel ones I have always wanted except with a smaller price tag. 

  •  Black Wedge by Vince Camuto - The other espadrille is a classic wedge by vince camuto. I snagged these when they were being price matched because I know I'll wear a classic black wedge with all my summer dresses! Vince camuto shoes are also always so comfy. 

  • Circus by Sam Edelman Mule - The last shoe I posted is this sam edelman slip in mule - I love a shoe like this for an effortless look. Slip these on instead of fast sandals and it will elevate your whole look!


  • Straw Bag -There are three bag trends that are definitely in style for spring. The first one is the straw bag trend, which was in last year as well. I personally love the trend but you have to find the right bag. I got a new one this year from mango because I love the gold detail on the handles and chain. It gives it a fancier feel. 

  • Clear/Translucent bag - I just got this in the mail! It's this clear/translucent style that is all over insta. People have been putting cute things in their bag (like a printed makeup bag ) to add some fun and dimension into your purse.
  • Chanel Dupe from Amazon - Lastly, I love a classic looking bag. This bag is a Chanel Dupe for 32 and the quality is amazing! I am so excited to use this all season. 


  • Scarf  I bought this scarf to add to bags or put in my hair. This 'chain' print is coming back. I recall that my mother had a shirt in this print when I was a chid and I'm very fond of it. This scarf is a good way to try the trend out and see how I like it!

  • Gold Earrings -  These earrings are such a statement and I have seen them everywhere all over instagram. I wanted to try this out and price was right on theses so I snagged them. I will say they are a little heavy but the style is just so cute that it is worth it. 

Hope you guys have enjoyed a glimpse of what I'm shopping for the in the spring! Would love to know what you think of the new trends.


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