Saturday, December 26, 2020

Skin care guide

 I am spending so much more time at home and so much more time on my skin care routine. I've rounded up some new finds I'm loving/eyeing. 

Solawave - a 5 minute red light massage tool that combines micro currents and is a warming massage. I just got this, it can boost collagen and help with acne. I'll keep you guys posted on this !

Skincare fridge - now that i have a vanity, I want a skincare fridge. Love this retro look.

Farmacy kit - This brand has been on my radar this year. I have yet to try any products but would love too,

Eye patches - these have great reviews and look very promising! Great gift or great spa night treat.

Pmd microderm pro - I have an amazon brand of this and I use it so often that I think it's time to upgrade. It's perfect for black heads. 

Thanks for reading! What's your favorite skin care product/gadget?



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