Friday, January 1, 2021

My Favorite Products of 2020

 2020...who knew I was going to stay home sooo much this year? Below are the products that helped me survive the year.

Nespresso - The best purchase for me was my nespresso machine. I use it everyday since I got it. Keep in mind the coffee averages out to like $1 per pod. It's good to buy if you are someone always going to coffee shops. You can make a cup of coffee, or a latte or an iced coffee depending on the pods you buy. 

Hand held vacuum - I used this so much this year. It's so handy for cleaning your car and small spaces.

Silk Face Mask- Mask-ne is the worst. I bought this mask to help prevent that and I love that it's neutral/close to skin tone. I also get a lot of compliments on it when I wear it in public.

Leave in Conditioner - I bought this one early during lock down and just love how my hair feels after using it. Almost done with it but will definitely be something I repurchase.

Hoop huggies  - I wear these earrings all the time. They are so light weight and they don't hurt to sleep with either. I got a second pair because I love them so much. 

It cosmetics cc - this has SPF and you only need a little product, but it goes a long way. It covers up my acne and is good to wear everyday super light weight. I'm shade light medium.

Beaky blenders - great beauty blender substitute, easy to use/clean & half the price!

Nexcare acne patches - I have bought these like 10x this year. So good for acne!! They will flatten/pull out impurities from the skin. Trust me on this one guys. 

Booty drops- These have to be used consistently for results. When using these for like 3 weeks at night on my thighs, it decreased cellulite. I love the smell too.

Gratitude Journal - last but certainly not least, the gratitude journal. If you need help appreciating the small things or making time to reflect in the morning, I highly recommend this journal. It's a good way to start your days. 


What was your favorite product in 2020?


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