Saturday, January 16, 2021

My 2020 Best Sellers


Hi guys! As always thank you so so much for shopping through my links! This post is of my cumulative best sellers (aside from amazon). I'll leave details and links below!

Booty Drops - You guys went crazy for these when you saw my results. Using this nightly in my routine has definitely been helpful for decreasing cellulite in my thighs.   Use consistently for best results. 

Nordstrom Tote - Not going too lie, I have had this tote for like 5+ years. It carries a lot and I love that it's reversible. It's a great gift idea too. It also has magnetic closure. 

The Oaui Leave in conditioner - I have repurchased this so many times. This is a great leave in conditioner. It smells amazing and works so well for my hair.

Office chair - I think this made the list because a lot of us are working from home this year. But I seriously searched high and low for a chair that was gold, white & was under $100. This one is a winner!

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask - I find myself reaching for this product when I have a patch of dry skin. I will say it's definitely a hyped product but it works well. 

Reformation Nikia Midi Dress - I got reposted on like to know it this year, and a bunch of you bought this dress - yay! It is so so flattering. I love it for spring & summer. 


Thanks for reading!


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