Sunday, January 20, 2019

Gym Essentials

Anyone who is trying to get back into the gym definitely needs some extra motivation. I know I do! For me, I love new work out clothes. They are cute, comfy & make you feel amazing at the gym.


Adidas Tee- Super trendy! Can wear in or out of the gym. Very breathable and stylish.

Track jacket- So adorable to throw over to and from the gym.

Zella leggings- Zella leggings are my favorite for true work out leggings. They hold you in and are never see through! SO reliable I have like ten different styles from this brand.

Sports Bra- My favorite ones are from the Victoria's Secret sport collection. SO many cute designs. 


Air pods- I love my air pods because there is no cord to get in the way. Your phone can be in your pocket, and you can be working out so seamlessly.

Ello bottle - keeps water cold & style is sooo sleek! 

Resistance Bands - I grab mine from Amazon. So many ways to use these and incorporate them into your work out.


Running - Ultra boosts. Hands down the comfiest and most supportive pair I have ever owned.

Training days- Nike Prestos or Adidas NMD. It's better to wear something with a flat bottom when lifting weights or training. 

Hope this post was helpful! These are things I use in the gym everytime I go.


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