Thursday, January 24, 2019

Everyday Makeup + GIVEAWAY


  1. First I prime with  Bobbi Brown Vitamin Base. 
  2. Then I go in with: foundation: Laura Mercier 10 hr my shade is Shell. I buff this into my skin with the foundation Brush: Morphe 439. 
  3. For Acne I go in with the Secret Camouflage concealer in shade 2 for acne scars and I use this brush
  4. Before concealing under eye, I use Secret Illuminator from Maelle beauty.
  5. For under eye concealer, I use Shape Tape and a Beauty Blender.
  6.  I set concealer with the under eye Powder: Secret Brightening 
  7. I use this Brush to clean up powder under eye.
  8. Next I use the Contour: Cali Kit
  9. I use the cool shade to highlight where I am going to put bronzer and I apply it with this brush. I use the Maelle Bronzer with this Bronzer brush.
  10. The next step is Blush: Contour Cali - I use this brush.
  11. After that Highlight: Contour Cali - Brush for highlight
  12. EYES:
  13. Prime lids with Eye shadow primer
  14. Eyeshadow Palette (First 3 colors used). I use the second one all over. Then I use the the third one in crease. The first shade goes under brow bone.
  15. Eyelash Primer is used to prep lashes for Maelle Mascara
  16. Charolette Tilburry Lip Liner - color is pillow talk. 
  17. Maelle Lip Crayon in Rose- full of moisture in dry winter months.
  18. Eyeshadow Brushes - this set has everything I need.
  19. Lastly, I use the Laura Powder & Puff to set my face with powder.
  20. I spray Setting Spray all over and done!

Hope this was helpful! I linked all the steps and all the brushes so it can be easy for you to follow along! If you have any questions, please drop them below or message me on Instagram.

There is also a GIVEAWAY going on this INSTAGRAM post. Winner will be announced Friday Night!


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