Friday, May 8, 2020

Amazon Sunglasses under $20

1. Black Cat Eye - I have a thing for Celine dupes because 3 out of 9 of these are just that! These look so expensive but don't cost much at all. Quality is so good too.
2. Heart Shaped Glasses - These are a dupe for YSL sunglasses that are like $400?! I think these are so fun and girly. I wear them a lot.
3. Square Oversized Glasses - My OG pair of sunglasses. I think I wear these the most. I love how oversized they are. 
4.  Pack of two aviators - Such a good deal. Not the best quality ones I've gotten but they get the job done. I don't always reach for the blue/green color so I don't mind them being not the most durable.
5. Pink reflective glasses - These are so cute! I just got them in. I love the circle shape so much and they look like a total Rayban dupe.
6. Blue Light Glasses - These are a must when I wear my contacts! They help looking at the computer screen all day become more bearable. They also look cute on just about everyone.
7. Sojos Aviators - Another one of my most worn! They go with everything. The lense shape is great and they look just like ray bans to me.
8. Rayban Circle dupe - Seriously look just like them & so cute and flattering!
9. Pointed Sunglasses - Another Celine Dupe. The shape makes them look really high end & they're very edgy and cool.

Which pair is your favorite? 


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