Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Recipes I've tried during quarantine

I have definitely been experimenting more in the kitchen during quarantine. I like easy recipes that don't take too much time to make (can anyone relate?).  I've tried some different things that I've loved. I linked all of them below. Let me know if you try any! If you have any good recipes you wanna share, please leave them in the comments.


- Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes
- Egg sandwich
- Overnight Oats
- Avocado toast
I don't follow a recipe I usually add olive oil, garlic & onion powder & lemon and I mash it all together. Then I spread it on toast & enjoy. You can top with eggs, peppers or eat alone.


- Pad Thai
- Fish Tacos
- Portillos Chop Salad


- Protien Balls
- Bean Dip
- Spiced Almonds
Toast almonds, add seasoning - I like garlic, onion & chili pepper. I had some agave so the seasoning can stick then I toss them in a bowl.


- Vegan Banana Bread
- Banana Muffins
- Eclair Cake
- Chocolate PB Banana Bites


- Aperol Spritz
-  Frozen Gin & Tonic 
- Empress 75 (Gin Cocktail)
-Iced Peach Green Tea
(Buy this tea, make it & then put it in fridge in a pitcher). When serving, add honey & lemon! Enjoy.

Let me know if you guys try any of these snacks! And let me know if you have any yummy recipes to share.


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